Amazing Andalusite now at TJC

At TJC we’re extremely delighted to bring you an extremely rare and equally stunning gemstone, we just know you’ll love, so read up and get ready to fall in love!

Andalusite is a strikingly beautiful gem, now at TJC, and although considered to be one of the lesser-known gemstones around, it holds amazing magical qualities, that will definitely stand out in your jewellery collection.

Andalusite is named after Andalusia, the Spanish community where it was first discovered. To people at home this gem would be classed as colour-changing, however, it should be more accurately described as a colour-shifting gem – a property similarly found in the beautiful stone, Alexandrite.

What’s unique about this stone is that it exhibits a plethora of different colours when viewed from different angles and also when lighting strikes the gem from different directions, with colours ranging from pretty green shades to sumptuous cherry hues, Andalusite is a gem for every taste. This rare gem most often occurs translucent to opaque, with transparent gemstone-quality specimens being very rare.

It’s a stone which also possesses a good level of durability and hardness, making it suitable for any type of jewelry application, that can be worn in any environment or circumstance.

For many years, andalusite has primarily been a collector’s stone, but it has recently gained a lot of attention from many jewellery designers – becoming a popular choice in jewellery design.

Although there are only a few myths specific to andalusite it is often referred to as the “Seeing Stone” – earning its name due to its metaphysical ability to calmly see without bias. It also encourages its wearer to tackle issues ratioanlly and to see problems from all perspectives, without fear or judgement.

Fallen in love yet? Explore the amazing qualities for yourself, and find the perfect Andalusite piece!


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