Amethyst, February’s dazzling birthstone

It’s hard to believe, but February is just around the corner! That means it’s time to start celebrating our Amethyst babies. From deep rich purple to blushing lilacs, these glorious gemstones are known for their alluring hues. Most prized in the quartz family, and it’s their colour that sets them apart from the crowd.

AmethystGifts with meaning: Birthstone jewellery makes a thoughtful gift that people will treasure forever; so they’re ideal presents for loved ones. Check out our range of amethyst jewellery to find the perfect design for you or someone special.

Amethyst For the history buff: Ancient civilisations prized the regal amethyst for centuries – from the ancient Egyptians adorning their tombs to the knights of the Middle Ages wearing protective amulets.

Fit for a queen: Purple has always been associated with royalty and what better way to do it than with amethyst. Royal jewellery collections the world over use amethyst in their Crown Jewels – including our very our HRH’s baubles.

Hocus pocus: In Ancient Greece, wine goblets were made out of amethyst as it was thought to stop you getting drunk. In fact, the word amethyst comes from the Greek work amethystos, meaning sober.

Back to school: The main sources of amethysts are Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay, Zambia, South Korea and the US. On the Mohs scale, amethysts are a seven, meaning they are really durable and well suited to jewellery.

Fun fact: Make sure you don’t overexpose this little beauty to sunlight as this can cause its tone to fade. So no sunbathing ok!

Typical traits of February babies – loyal and honest with a hint of a rebellious streak (we like that bit). Are you celebrating your birthday this February? Tell us all by scribbling in the reply box below.

Love TJC x

8 thoughts on “Amethyst, February’s dazzling birthstone

  1. I am a Valentine’s day baby, 14th February. I love all my jewellery, but a particular Amethyst cushion cut gold ring which I bought in 1968 is my favourite, I was told it is an American setting, I do not know the carat weight, it has been widely admired by many people, I last had it valued 10 years ago and the value then was £250.00. I think I will have to take a trip into town and repeat the experience which is long overdue!

  2. Your assessment is correct for me I will be 75 on the 4th February 2014 and just love The Jewelrey Channel I watch it every day and purchase items when I can afford it Many thanks for all the lovely purchases I have made Regards Pat Payne

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