Ancient Energy, Modern Glitz!

Its Shamballa all day on Saturday! Shamballa bracelets seem to be here to stay. First on the scene in 2010, celebrities from both the fashion and music industry were spotted wearing the Buddhist inspired bracelets, with Jay-Z taking the lead and showing us the way. Others like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Demi Moore, Justin Bieber, and our own JLS following the fun craze.

Shamballa is an ancient philosophy of Buddhism and believed to play a role in promoting health and wellbeing. Traditionally the wearer would benefit from the individual properties of the different colours, shapes, metals and gemstones of the bracelet.

Nowadays we are wearing the trendy and funky Shamballa as a fashion accessory.  Perfect as gift ideas, and stocking stuffers, and great if you just want to spoil yourself. Shamballa bracelets are so very versatile and adaptable; wear them with jeans and get a casual look, but why not try something different; a black Austrian crystal Shamballa bracelet with your LBD! Stunning!

The Jewellery Channel has over 130 designs to choose from, so there is definitely one to suit your style and taste. Whatever you do, get involved!!

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