Are Dreamy Opals Making A Come Back?

Opals have always been the less conventional choice of embellishment, and have always been surrounded by intrigue and superstition. All opals, the black, gray, white, fire and light varieties are stunning but are they as desired and treasured as diamonds and emeralds? I say absolutely….

For centuries these iridescent stones have been considered a sign of wealth and in the Middle Ages, opal was considered a very lucky stone as it was believed to possess all the virtues of each gemstone whose colour was represented in the kaleidoscopic opal. The beliefs even went as far as thinking you could conjure up invisibility by wrapping an opal in a bay leaf and holding it in your hand! Eat your heart out Harry Potter and your “Invisibility Cloak”, if only you had know it was this easy! LOL!

Opals weren’t always in favour however, and were plagued by tales and myths of bad luck after the publication Sir Walter Scott’s book, Anne of Geierstein in 1829, in which the Baroness of Arnheim wears an opal with supernatural powers that eventually caused her death. The novel gathered quite a following and hence people began to associate opals with bad luck and death. Legend has it that opal sales in Europe dropped by 50%.

Opal is the birthstone for people born in October or under the sign of Scorpio and LIbra.

Personally its the mystery and intrigue behind opals that attract me to them, a bit like like an old Alfred Hitchcock novel… They are also as versatile as diamonds, and can be worn with everything from jeans and a T-shirt to a little black dress to a red carpet gown!

  1. 3.00 Ct Jalisco Fire Opal and Diamond 14K Yellow Gold Ring
  2. 6.75 Ct Green Opal,Green Sapphire Platinum Overlay Sterling Silver Ring
  3. 1.00 Ct Ethiopian Opal, Champagne Garnet Ring in 14K Gold Overlay Sterling Silver
  4. 0.53 Ct Ethiopian Opal, Zirocn Ring in Platinum Overlay Sterling Silver
  5. 9K Yellow Gold 0.61 Ct Ethiopian Welo Opal and Diamond Ring


Now what are the celebrities doing with Opals? Are they starting to warm towards the opal? Yes they are and I’m not just talking about Queen Victoria either, although she was a great lover of the opal! Here the stars are showing off their opal earrings.

Photo sources:

Julia Louis-Dreyfus from Seinfeld fame at the Emmy awards in Los Angeles on September 23, 2012 wearing one of kind Irene Neuwirth lightening ridge black opal earrings with rose cut diamonds.

Then we see Busy Philipps, best known for Dawson’s Creek and Cougar Town. Busy is wearing massive shoulder duster earrings at the Academy Awards in February this year. These earrings are also from Irene Neuwirth and are mixed shaped boulder opals, rose cut diamonds and diamond pave.

In the 3rd picture Evangeline Lilly at Cannes is wearing some “out of this world” Chopard fire opal and multi-gem earrings set with two faceted fire opal drops of 53 carats total and tsavorites.

Finally Reese Witherspoon at the White House Correspondent’s dinner this April in beautiful Irene Neuwirth earrings with emeralds and pear shape Peruvian opal drops and diamond pave.

So, have a peek at the TJC gallery of “Rings and Things“, and hop on the Opal bandwagon! As always, happy shopping!






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