Astral Aries

Lovely Aries, strong, dynamic and comes with a punchy and courageous approach to life and probably the most independent of all the zodiac signs. Like it or lump it is quite often our dear ram’s mantra when it comes to fashion, style and jewellery.

A born leader, Aries likes a good challenge, but is also a generous soul and loves to share her baubles around. A great friend and a loyal ally, Aries will stand by your side through good and bad – in fact, she’ll probably take charge of a bad situation and spread around her optimistic outlook.

Hair accessories Fashion first – Our fashion forward ram is a trend setter and likes the super bold over a more demure look. Be careful though Aries, your aggressive nature can sometimes leave you with a forced look – so keep your look in check.

Bold and beautiful – Aries in no way is scared of being noticed, in fact, the more heads that turn the better. A big statement piece is normally the order of the day. Our ram loves to adorn their head, so you’ll often find them in hats or some kind of hair ornament – a hairband, or clip, even a brooch cleverly positioned to secure a fancy updo!

The celebrity ram – Sarah Jessica Parker is an Aries through and through and can always been seen making some kind of jewellery statement. SJP is a serious lover of hair accessories too, and manages to get them in a good amount of the time.

ScarvesThe beautiful Kate Hudson was born famous and with Goldie Hawn as her equally alluring mother, Kate has no choice but to be incredible. Kate is often seen making a statement with a big necklace or earrings and absolutely loves to wear something in her flowing locks.

Overall, as the rambunctious ram, you really don’t need any help when it comes to style. For the most part, if someone offered you advice you probably wouldn’t take it anyway! You know who you are and what you want and like.

We’ve got a few Aries babies here in the office; they love the fact that diamond is their birthstone – the big daddy of the gems and as tough as nails (just like them). Are you born under the Aries star sign? Are you a typical ram? We’d love to know, so pop down your comments in the reply box below.

Love TJC xxx

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