The Style Guide for Gold Chains

Chain necklaces are charming and, in most cases, nostalgic objects that simply complete and enhance your appearance, which is why we adore wearing them. With so many pendants, charms, tiny, and thick chain necklaces to pick from, you might be wondering if the gold chains are appropriate for special occasions. Gold chains are timeless pieces

Celebrate this Christmas with Extravagance- Jewellery Gift Ideas for Her

So, the holiday season is rapidly approaching. Christmas decorations will be in every store before we know it, holiday music will be playing on every radio station, and gift planning will begin. Not to mention all the holiday parties, food preparation, money spending, and other activities. Whether you’re looking for gifts for mom, looking for

Black Friday Frenzy! Claim the deals now!

As we wrap ourselves in our blanket at night, we realise that the serene feel in this comfort is enhanced by the festive vibes that have started wrapping ourselves on top of that blanket. This plethora of emotions always leads to our family and friends entering our thoughts. A part of our soul is connected

Join the Festive Frenzy! Grab them all!

Black Friday is approaching fast with all its cheerful and jovial vibes. The mood around upcoming festivals is enhanced automatically as we get to meet our loved ones breaking our monotonous work and life culture. Happiness is only real when shared and to spread more and more love gifts and presents serves you a great

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When you are thinking about gemstone jewellery, Diamonds are bound to cross your thoughts. However, the sparkle and flicker of Diamonds come with a downside of their skyrocketing prices that is not in the budget of all jewellery lovers who want to stay at top of their game at all times.  But if proper research


I have been a huge fan of Jojoba from the moment I was first introduced to it on TJC many years ago and have used it ever since.  I have particularly sensitive skin and can only use natural products so this is perfect for me.  The great thing about it is that it is a

Personalised Gifts – Everything New for You

Personalised jewellery can be described as a great way of describing love for your close ones by offering them jewellery pieces that has their name or initials engraved on them. Personalised jewellery is not only limited to name and initials. You can gift your mum a personalised necklace that has her birthstone studded on it

Personalised Gold Jewellery Collection

Gold Jewellery over the decades has been seen as a fashion ornament for offering a stunning look to any outfit. For some, a look isn’t finished until the right flourish is added. An “exemplary” look, for example, requests pearls and precious stones for a great finish to a night’s look. Gold Jewellery has seized a

Personalized Friendship Collection

The feelings and sentiments identified with friendship are hard to be described. From antiquated occasions, there have been various cases of friendship that have changed the whole significance of humankind. Friendship is one such feeling that is very much used by directors and authors in books, literary works, or motion pictures. The ideals of friendship