5 Easy Steps for Finding a Made-for-You Sandal Pair!

Has the arrival of summers made you realise that you need a new sandal pair? This time make no mistakes and buy the shoe you always wished to wear with our amazing and easy-to-follow sandal guide.

Fighting Child Hunger with Your Purchase Feeds

As per the data from the Action Against Hunger organization, 21.3 % of children saw stunted growth in 2019 due to malnutrition. The truth is countless children across the world have to struggle for their daily meals on a regular basis. Being born in a family which is not financially stable is not something that

Relaunching TJC: Your Favourite Shopping Channel has got a new Name!

TJC is now Trust, joy and community! We are no longer – The Jewellery Channel. With a new brand image comes a new wave. We are excited to give you a sneak peek into our changed values and what made us do that.

Buy Last Minute Easter Gifts for Adults

This year Eater bunny has brought plenty of luscious gifts that both you and your loved ones will devour. TJC’s is going to thrill you with its exciting Easter collection full of presents, none of the receivers can say no to!

Introducing Sajen Jewellery Collection!

Sajen Jewellery: Romanticising Fine Art and the Balinese Culture It will not be wrong to say jewellery shapes the personality of wearers. For any women who truly adores her jewels, the inspiration behind it can solely attach a major significance to the piece. Historically, intellectuals from the great philosophers to the poets have been mesmerised

Introducing Our New Pearl Range:Galatea Pearl

TJC is home to countless ingenious products that have over the years transformed our customer base into sassy buyers who look the best and lead a balanced lifestyle. What none of you can deny is we have succeeded in bringing you the most incredible jewellery, one you might not even have dreamed of! This year

Make Your Gifts Remarkable with Personalised Jewellery

When you buy a valuable present such as the precious jewellery that forms an everlasting memento of your love, personalising your gift is a must.

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Christmas Tree and Decorations

With black Friday nearing some of you might already be planning to buy a Christmas tree. Those who are buying X-mas tree for the first time might be wary of not making any mistake while picking one from the lot. If you a new homeowner who has no idea of which tree will go with

Three Simple Hacks to Look Halloween Ready This October

The time of the year has come to go an extra mile to look spooky and scary. While you might be dropping plans to meet your friends or party previously, you can’t wait to relive the eccentric experience you had last Halloween. With social distancing and masks becoming the new normal, we have been unintentionally