Avengers’ Fans Assemble! 6 Gemstones To Create Your Own Infinity Gauntlet

Avengers: Endgame is finally here! We finally get to know our favourite superheroes’ fate. Also – SPOILER ALERT – who has permanently bitten the dust. It feels as if it’s been eons since we all cheered and cried for our favourite avengers while watching Infinity War *sniff sniff*. But truth be told, the new trailers seem to indicate that the wait was worth it.

Marvel Cinematic Universe
Marvel Cinematic Universe

Almost every other fan is ready with their collection of cosplay costumes or Marvel merchandise to flaunt in the cinema. Wish to own something absolutely unique yourself? Well, what could be more majestic and Marvel-lous than Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet? And you know how you can create something inspired from it? With TJC’s very own infinity stones! Okay, we admit. They’re not the original 6 gems and Thanos is definitely not after us for them. But we do have some doppelgangers.

Here are our top picks to help you create your very own, personalised Infinity Gauntlet:

Space Stone


For its massively notorious presence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), the Space Stone looks, quite literally, ethereal. It displays an enchanting mix of shades of blue ranging from deep midnight to glowing sky blue. It might have driven the majority of the avengers bonkers, but it would certainly look amazing when paired with white gold or platinum.

Our Favourite Doppelgangers – Sky Blue Topaz, Kyanite, Blue Sapphire

Soul Stone


The source of one of the most heart-breaking events in Infinity War, the Soul Stone bears something truly fiery about it. And we are guessing that it lies in its rich, blazing orange colour. Orange coloured stones look unique and intense, catching lots of attention effortlessly. Pair these up with yellow gold and capture everyone’s soul with just a glimpse.

Our Favourite DoppelgangersFire Opal, Amber

Mind Stone


Positioned right behind the Space Stone when it comes to being infamous, the Mind Stone flaunts a bright and dazzling yellow colour that works well with what it stands for – the mind. The strong, bold and amber-y layers of the stone remind us of the sunny colour of yellow sapphires and diamonds. So versatile is the appearance of yellow gems that they look splendid with almost all metal finishes.

Our Favourite Doppelgangers – Yellow Sapphire, Yellow Diamonds

Reality Stone


One of the most mystical and enchanting looking stones, the Reality Stone is perfectly depicted with a dense, dark and hypnotising collection of red hues capable of warping reality. And what else displays such a heavenly assortment of red shades? Ruby! And that’s not all. You can also use its red sister stones – Rubellite and Garnet – and easily create your own Reality Stone-themed jewels.

Our Favourite DoppelgangersRubellite, Ruby, Garnet

Time Stone


If only the Time Stone was a reality. But at least we can feign owning one? Abundant, rich, captivating and intense; the greens of this fictional stone represent the concept of time to a T. Similar looking gems like Russian Diopsides and Emeralds would look like a sight to behold when paired with yellow gold, just like the Eye Of Agamotto worn by the Sorcerer SupremeDr. Steven Strange.

Our Favourite DoppelgangersRussian Diopside, Emerald

Power Stone


This incredibly powerful stone couldn’t get a better name than this. The Power Stone is the ultimate source of cosmic strength in the MCU. Additionally, it is perfectly depicted with a gorgeous purple gem with blue undertones, much like Amethyst. Not too excited about Amethysts? Then you can try going for purple Garnet that look just as mesmerising. Pair these up with yellow gold and enjoy flaunting a Power-ful look.

Our Favourite DoppelgangersAmethyst, Garnet

Bonus! Ego Stone


If you’re an avid fan of Marvel comics, then you wouldn’t be a stranger to the Ego Stone. Surprisingly absent in the movies, the stone is a mysterious element in the story that holds the consciousness of Nemesis – the owner of the infinity gems. Represented as a dazzling golden stone with warm brown undertones, we can’t help but think of Citrine and Topaz when talking about it. Pair these glowing, radiant gems with yellow/white gold or even platinum and you are sure to hypnotize others.

Our Favourite DoppelgangersCitrine, Imperial Topaz

So, do not waste a second! Get your hands on these charmers and stand out with the most glamorous looking collection of ”infinity gems”. Also, if these suggestions have captivated your heart, we are sure that you’ll love our amazing variety of coloured gemstones jewellery. Our range of coloured Diamonds (April’s birthstone) is something you shouldn’t miss out as well.

Until then, we’ll do our best to protect our gems’ collection from Thanos.

Whatever it takes.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

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