Bags of style: Great handbags you need for SS16

We all know that a killer bag is the icing on the cake when it comes to great outfits. Whether you’re dressing for day or night, the handbag you choose can make a difference in terms of pulling the entire look together.

While you can be sure that choosing a bag in a colour that works with the rest of your ensemble is going to be a good choice, you also need to consider size, shape and embellishments.

These features can make all the difference and help you add that high fashion edge to your outfit. Here are a few bags you might want to include in your SS16 wardrobe:

Stylish novelties

If you want to make a statement and add something that will catch the eye and raise a smile to your outfit, consider what novelty bags you can choose.

This doesn’t mean using a bag that has tonnes of bells and whistles or that looks a bit silly. Instead, it is about choosing one that has an unusual shape, which should be made stylish through the colours and materials used.

Something like our Deep Red Amour Velvet Apple Clutch with Removable Golden Chain is a great example, as the apple shape is unusual and fun but the deep red colour and gold chain look really elegant.

This will add an interesting touch to any outfit and is ideal for evening wear. You can also find it in pink, blue and green, allowing you to go a bit bolder with the look.

Structured style

With spring comes looser clothing – such as maxi skirts and oversized shirts – which means that having something to contrast these flowing fabrics can help add another element to your style.

A great way to do this is by choosing a heavily structured handbag, as the firm lines will be the opposite to loose materials. This can mean that your bag could be perfectly square, but it can be more effective to choose a more unusual shape so as to draw the better.

This is why designs like this Daniela Navy Blue and Beige Tote Bag are really effective. It has a square-shaped main section with triangle wings coming off it, adding more structured lines.

It also features two contrasting colours, helping it to stand out even more while still being totally on-trend.

All the glitter

Two of the biggest trends for SS16 are glitter and metallics, which means that opting for either of these when it comes to choosing your handbag could be perfect. Whether you’re wearing a full-on metallic outfit or sticking to your trusty LBD, wearing a bag that embraces these looks is a great option.

The great thing about shiny or glittering bags is that you can make use of the different textures, as well as the embellishments. Metallics look great if the finish of the bag is smooth, whereas glitter and sequins add a more textured look. Either will ensure that your bag shines and draws the eye.

For a winning choice, pick this Black and Silver Sequin Clutch Bag with Simulated Cat’s Eye. It features an all-over sequin design, as well as a cat’s eye clasp that will also reflect light in an effective way.

It also has a removable chain, so you can use it as a clutch, an over-the-shoulder or a cross-body bag, depending on your preference.

Tonnes of texture

If you want to make the most of textured styles without the glitter, this is also a great look to take your outfit to the next level. There are loads of different ways to add texture, from patterns to embellishments, meaning you have loads of choices for making the most of this look.

For a simple design that can easily go from day to night, you just need to choose a bag that using stitching in an interesting way. This can mean that the bag has a design stitched into it or that it uses a repetitive pattern, either way, this will help diversify your ensemble with minimal effort.

Our Tan Colour Diamond Pattern Tote Bag features a diamond lattice stitch throughout most of it, creating a really effective look. This is contrasted against the un-embellished flap, helping the pattern to stand out more.

It also features a strap that uses both material and a chain, furthering the textured look in a really effective way.

Whatever look you go for this season, you’ll find the perfect bag for your budget in our accessories collection.

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