Beat the January blues: Glam up your look and boost your mood

So many people start to feel a bit down during January. After all the glitter and joy of the festive season, the first month of the year can seem a bit gloomy. It feels like there's very little to look forward to, especially when the weather remains cold and grey. 

It can also leave you feeling like you can't really be bothered with your outfits. After all, why dress up if you're just going to have to throw on a coat, hat and scarf? However, getting glammed up can actually make miserable January days feel more bearable.

We all know that making some extra effort and wearing something we love can leave us feeling amazing. So rather than just doing this for a night out, why not use our new guide and add a bit more glamour to daytime style to see if you can boost your mind?


One of the easiest ways to make you feel amazing is to create a really gorgeous makeup look. While you probably don't want to be too heavy-handed with your makeup for the day, you can use simple tricks to leave you looking luscious and make you feel great.

Using a highlighter on your cheekbones, under your brow and over the bridge of your nose can help to give you an awake look and ensure your best features are on display. If you want to take it a bit further, you could even try your hand at contouring the Kim Kardashian way, using bronzer and highlighter to shape your face.

If this sounds like too much effort for everyday, simply try a bolder lipstick colour than you might usually go for. Nothing can make you feel as gorgeous as a bold red lipstick does, a shade that suits every skin tone. Adding this to your look can quickly make you feel like a million bucks and make January seem less dull.


Our favourite way to feel more glam is to add jewellery with plenty of sparkle to your outfits. Whether you love in-your-face statement pieces like this Grey Glass Necklace, or prefer something classic and subtle like these 14K White Gold Diamond Earrings; glitter can really make a big difference.

Just as you like to add glitzy jewellery to an evening outfit, wearing it throughout the day can make you feel more gorgeous, which is going to instantly make you forget how miserable January can be.

It's important to remember though that you still want your look to be practical for day to day, especially if you're heading off to work.


Of course, you could also treat yourself to a pamper and get a haircut or colour. Changing your look slightly and being treated with lovely products and a head massage – not to mention leaving a salon feeling beautiful – can really make you feel good.

Even if you don't go for anything drastically different, just having your hair feeling and looking healthier can help you get through the rest of the month with a happier disposition. 

You could even make a day of it and have your nails done too. After all, there are loads of offers on in January so you may as well make the most of it and make yourself look and feel amazing.

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