Behind the Scenes: Q&A with Lucy Q

We sat down with one of your favourite TJC jewellery designers, Lucy Quartermaine. The mother of three talks us through how it all began, her inspiration and what’s in store for the future for her ever-growing brand. Keep reading to understand the face behind the brand – Lucy Q

So, how did the Lucy Q jewellery brand begin?
When I was 9 years old, I used to watch my gran, who was a jewellery designer make all sorts of creative, amazing pieces of jewellery. I used to be in awe of what she did, how she’d produce masterpieces with loads of details.

She used to have a pot of buttons and she’d ask me to thread the buttons through chains and I started to create masterpieces with these buttons too. From this, I realised I would love to become a jewellery designer.

I was still very young, so I finished my education, went to university where I studied jewellery design. It was after that I thought I would love to have my own brand and be the face of my own brand. So, I launched Lucy Q in 2005. At that point I had my first child, so I really mixed and matched launching the brand while being a mum.  I’ve had three children along the way and now I’m able to put 100% into my business.

What’s been your proudest moment since launching Lucy Q?
It’s really a mashup of multiple things. Receiving all the accolades and awards, seeing my jewellery on celebrities, my jewellery being available at the TJC and coming back every two to three weeks to present my collections.UNC

In two weeks I’m going over to America to launch my jewellery on the Liquidation Channel too!

What inspired your raindrop motifs?
I love Mother Nature and anything organic. When I was at university I done an experiment with icicles. I went skiing once and I was looking out the window and there was all these icicles hanging from the roofs and the sun was beaming down, and I could just see water just dripping down as the icicle was melting.

It was just amazing and stunning. The tear drop shape is so attractive and simple and I wanted to use it a way that was different. I’m quite emotional and sensitive person, so I think it works really well.

What do you hope to achieve with each collection?
My jewellery is all about standing out from the crowd. I don’t like to follow, I like to be a bit unusual and that’s what I like to do with my jewellery. I make sure that its comfortable to wear, very practical and its different. 

You have achieved such great things, what’s in store for the future?
There’s loads happening in the future, but I can’t tell you everything! We are hoping to employ some more people at Lucy Q to travel around the country to every single city. I’m trying to make Lucy Q a national brand and international brand. We have so many new collections coming. The big thing that’s happening next year is Bridal! That will be huge.

Out of all the pieces you’ve designed and crafted, what’s your most favourite piece of jewellery ?
The pinnacle piece is the big drip necklace. It’s a piece everyone recognises. If I’m ever asked to go on a catwalk I wear it. Everyone I know loves that piece and I even get phone calls from customers saying they have it every colour!

What was your inspo behind the new art deco collection, now available at TJC?
During university I did my dissertation on Charles Rennie Mackintosh a Scottish designer and architect. He was ahead of his time – very art deco yet very modern. I found him so inspirational and wanted to create something like this.

A lot of people have done a similar things, but I wanted to show my love for his work while taking massive jump from what I normally create. To attract a different audience.

What one piece of jewellery should customers have their eye on, for the coming season?
I’m in love with the new art deco ring. The design is so obviously art deco, very winter, something about it is very snug but warms your heart.

Who is Lucy Q for?
I create jewellery for women to stand out. It’s all about giving them something no one else has got so they feel stylish.

When people wear the jewellery I want them to feel like they’ve chosen something different. I want people to wear my jewellery feeling a million dollars, Have people looking at them and think ‘wow’.

Here’s some behind the scene pics of Lucy’s day at TJC!

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