Bespoke Your Jewellery – A Day With Our Bespoke & Personal Shopping Specialist

Does your unruly and whimsical imagination take over everything? Not sparing your simple to major choices in life? Well, you need a real rescue as getting your ideas executed into a marvel is not always an option. Especially when it is about the big matters or shall we say – bling-ing big jewellery matters.

What if, it is possible? Yes, TJC’s bespoke service let your dream come true with a superb one-off creation direct from your mind.

Not for all, but for some there are moments in life that has to be marked with something unique and one-of-a-kind. And for such seriousness, we have got bespoke services to curate a distinctly perfect piece of jewellery. Over the years, we’ve come across several customers not able to find exactly what their mind desire. Here bespoke and personal shopping plays the right chords.

Not digging much, and directly taking you all to meet – Yvette, TJC bespoke and personal shopper expert throwing light on the entire process.

Can you take us through the process and how you keep the customer involved at every stage in bespoke jewellery?

Yes, I will be more than happy. So,

Step 1- It starts with the initial enquiry that comes in – may be for a ring, a pendant, earrings, a necklace with the desired gem that they want.

Step 2- According to their requirement, we send them the price quote within next two days. Also, if the customer has a budget in mind, great, it wards off time wastage and we can help them with option befitting their budget. But if they don’t, we help with options accordingly.

Step 3- Once they decided the design, the stone and happy with the price, the next step is payment to secure the process.

Step 4- The customer gets to see the video of the stone and contoured image (contoured image gives the stone specifications and measurements like the depth, width, etc.) so that they can confirm over it. Certainly, this is the real take of bespoke; get the customer involved at every step to know what they exactly want.

bespoke jewellery

Step 5- As the customer confirms it, the piece goes into production.

Step 6- Next the finished product’s video is sent to the customer. The customer can approve or disapprove at this time. If any tweaking or alterations is needed for the stone or anything, it is this stage to do so. If they are not happy with the stone, we will help them find other stones for the realistic expectations.

Step 7- The final product then comes to us and goes to our in-house jeweller for further inspection and goes to hallmarking if everything is approved.

Step 8- In the end, it goes for final polishing, a perfect goodie bag and packed to be dispatched.

bespoke jewellery

How long the entire process does take?

As bespoke jewellery is all about your mind, your creativity executed by us, we ensure to make it as unique and enthralling as you desired for. It is not something out of the shelf and is made for your size. Therefore, the entire process may take somewhere between 8-10 weeks. Even more, if the stone is difficult to source and is extremely rare.

Are you able to make the exact same jewellery with pictures sent by customers?

Definitely, yes! People get pictures, hand-drawn sketches, and a lot more. Obviously, Google is the best place to search pictures they have in mind for a product, they pull it and send us. We also help them in case they do not have access to a computer.

What if a customer has an idea in head, and knows it is high end. Are your team able to help them with something on the website befitting their budget and desire?

Yes, we help them. Let’s say for the items over £300-£400, we give them choices matching to what they have been asking for. Personal shopping here comes into picture where they shop with confidence and peace of mind taking assistance wherever they need.


Can you tell what are your two favourite gems and why?

Well, it has to be for one – Topaz because it is fresh in colour and even if you wear in winter, it reminds of spring. For second, Diamond – as it’s classic and timeless. You don’t have to think before slipping on anything of a diamond. Princess cut, round cut, trillion cut – it got to be a big diamond, I don’t mind.

The most memorable and expensive bespoke you did?

There were many, but if I have to go with one, it has to be a Paraiba Tourmaline ring. It was a splendid stone that gave us very hard time to source. It was in a huge carat weight and approximated for £38,000. Indeed, such a mesmerising piece.

So, that was Yvette for you all.

Hope this conversation left you aflutter for many reasons. If heralding glimmering gemstones and precious metals is your thing, bespoke your jewellery today and get oodles of compliments flowing directly to you.

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