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What’s the one thing that makes princesses all the more special, of course, other than their grace and poise? Their tiaras! Every little girl dreams of becoming a fine, young princess one day and put on the fancy, bejewelled goodness. The best of all the tiaras in the world can be seen on the head of Her Highness, The Queen. The perfect picture of everything that’s royal, the queen’s tiaras exude the very nobility and grace that make her a real-life queen.


Well, I am truly awed and transfixed by the glittering collection of the most expensive gemstones gracing her countless tiaras. I’ve always had a fixation with what kind of tiaras she prefers and how did they come to be. Passed on as heirlooms, presents, gifts, or custom-made presentations, there’s nothing in this world that’s more exquisite than The Queen’s tiaras collection.


In this list, I’m letting you in on the best 9 among her collection. You’ll also read a little tad-bit of the story behind where the tiara came from, how often The Queen wears it, and what was the last time she was seen adorning it.


  • Queen Mary Fringe Tiara

    This has to be hands-down the most popular one among the assortment of Queen’s tiaras. It is, indeed, the one she wore on her wedding day. Originally, the mesmerizing and picturesque beauty was designed in a Russian style by Garrard. It was The Queen’s “something borrowed” on her wedding day. There’s a fun story behind the fond day mentioning how the tiara snapped moments before the wedding and had to be fixed immediately. It was last spotted in February 2012.

    Image Credit: The Royal Order of Splendour
  • The George IV State Diadem

    Now, this one isn’t just a tiara; it’s a crown! Initially and originally made for King George IV in 1821 for his coronation, in later days it can be seen worn by Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth. Studded with approximately 1,333 diamonds, it is low-and-behold the most majestic sight. It was last seen in May 2016, where The Queen wore it to the State Opening of Parliament.

    Diamond Diadem (1820) by Rundell for George IV 1
    Image credit: Tiara Mania
  • The Brazilian Aquamarine Parure

    Upon The Queen’s coronation in the year 1953, the King and the people of Brazil presented the aquamarines and diamonds to The Queen. The entire set was made, featuring a gigantic addition to The Queen’s tiaras. Over the years, she received many more gems and jewels as a gift and she kept having them added to the designs. As of recent, she added a new brooch to the collection. She loves wearing it and it is one of her favourite adornments. It was last seen on her at the State Banquet, in July 2017.

    Brazilian Aquamarine Tiara (1971) by Garrard for Queen Elizabeth II 1
    Image credit: Tiara Mania
  • The Burmese Ruby Tiara

    This particular one has to be one of the most popular tiaras in The Queen’s tiaras collection. It was exclusively commissioned by The Queen herself from Garrard, back in 1973. This wonderful sight flaunts her coronation presents; the diamonds from the Nizam of Hyderabad and Burmese rubies. She last wore it at the state visit of India, back in the year 2009. Composed with the use of 96 Burmese rubies in the company of diamonds, she wanted it to look like a sheath of roses.

    Image credit: Naergi’s Costuming Site
  • The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara

    Identified as one of the most dazzling wedding gifts, this tiara is encrusted with a whole lot of diamonds. It is considered to The Queen’s favourite tiara and she’s been seen wearing the same on a few of Commonwealth coins and banknotes, too. Initially, it was commissioned by Queen Mary from Garrard and then was passed down the lineage. It is seen as the most generous diamond jewellery ever possessed by anyone.

    Image credit: From Her Majesty’s Jewel Vault
  • The Cambridge’s Lovers Knot Tiara

    This particular royal adornment has been seen on the heads of many! Originally, it was created for Queen Mary and then was passed down The Queen reigning now. Over the years before, it was also seen worn by the Princess of Wales, Princess Diana. In the more latest years, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate, debuted in back in 2015. It is a beautiful and regal collection diamond and pearls, coming together in the best way.

    Cambridge Lovers' Knot Tiara (1913) by E. Wolff & Co. for Garrard for Queen Mary 1
    Image credit: Tiara Mania
  • The Cartier Halo Tiara

    Fashioned from diamonds and platinum, this particular one from The Queen’s tiaras collection has several other names. It is also known as Halo Tiara, Scroll Tiara, Queen Elizabeth’s Halo Tiara, and a few other names. It was presented to Princess Elizabeth as her birthday gift, but she chose to wear heavier tiaras after she became the queen. As of last, it was most popularly spotted on Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge, on her wedding day, when she borrowed it.

    Image credit: The Royal Order of Splendour
  • The Delhi Durbar Tiara

    Perhaps one of the biggest selection in The Queen’s Tiaras collection, there is probably no might matching the glory of this magnificent tiara. It was designed and moulded for Queen Mary and was later passed on in the royal lineage. As of last, it was seen on the top of the head of The Duchess of Cornwall, where it was loaned by The Queen to worn at a banquet for visiting the Norwegian royal family, back in 1947. It hasn’t been seen ever since. Altered a lot many times in its course of life, it is truly a majestic sight.

    Image credit:
  • The Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara

    With a very vivid and fascinating backstory, this tiara is a godly sight to look at! Designed and made into existence by Bolin, this royal adornment was seen on the head of Grand Duchess Vladimir, up until the time of the revolution. When the family fled, it was left behind. After a while, a British agent smuggled it to the exiled Duchess. After her death, it was bought by Queen Mary, and hence, came to be a part of The Queen’s Tiaras collection. Last it was seen in 2011.

    Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara
    Image credit: The Royal Records

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