Best Gemstone Colour Combinations to Wear

The world of gemstones cannot be scoped to the end of its horizon. The endless range of spectrum offers you colours of all elements. There is a colour for every mood, every personality, every occasion, and every like. The question, however, remains on how to pair it just right. Don’t you fret; we’re here to help you. We’re telling you of the best gemstone colour combinations that look transformational. With complimenting shades and vivacious intensity, these ideas will reap many compliments for you! Read more to find the one you’re set to shop for, next.


1) Blue and White

blue and white pendant
Tanzanite and Topaz Tear Drop Pendant

All shades of blue go best with whites. The colour choice of all royals is the intense shade of blue. It is why sapphire jewellery is considered the flair of imperials. If you wish to slip on that tantalizing treat, then tanzanite halo rings or sapphire jewellery in silver is the best way to go. Your other option is simple topaz jewellery that comes in the best selection of both hues. In fact, our whole Twilight Collection is moulded to flaunt the same.


2) Black and White

Black and white ring
Boi Ploi Black Spinel Ring in Sterling Silver

The best pick among dual gemstone colour combinations that brilliantly, and also most commonly, goes together is black and white. These colours together promise you the very definition of versatility, seeing that they can be matched with almost everything. The options, here, for you, are spinel jewellery pieces with ebony black and base craftsmanship in silver tones. Your other choice is Tahitian pearl with an illustrious selection of different white stones like natural white Cambodian zircons or topaz.


3) Green and Yellow

green and yellow bracelet
Kagem Zambian Emerald Bracelet

Speaking of royal luxuries, it impossible to leave out the lush element of earth. Best portrayal of green is in emerald. And to pair it with yellow is wearing emerald jewellery in gold. Crafty lays and bestselling designs come under this category as both the colours are known for their taste in rich luxury. Other stone that you can wear is Russian Diopside in gold. It’s the ideal pick, among several gemstone colour combinations, if you’re seeking grandeur enclosed.


4) Yellow with White or Black

yellow and white earrings
Citrine Falling Flowers Earrings

The charming colour of the Sun is best portrayed in yellow. And you can pair it white or silver of your choice. For the best example, head on to the Citrine jewellery piece in silver. However, if you want a trendsetting contrast, then yellow and black the way to go. For that, browse our spinel jewellery pieces in gold tone. The ravishing might of this tone of jewellery is a certain trailblazer, seeing that it is also the colours of Egyptian royals.


5) Purple and Gold

purple and gold ring
Moroccan Amethyst and Natural Cambodian Zircon Ring in 9K Gold

All intense hues are a gateway to royalty. It’s the same with the deepest violet or purple hues of amethyst. The dark, inviting tones almost captivate you. The lustrous clarity of the stone grants it an invitation to luxury. And, we all know that there’s nothing godlier than gold. Hence, our amethyst jewellery in gold is a blissful sight to behold. But, the gemstone colour combinations don’t end here. Another choice you have is Rose De France jewellery with illustrious purple.


6) Pink and Rose Gold

pink and rose gold ring
Marropino Morganite, Natural Cambodian Zircon Ring

By far, this has to be the prettiest among all other gemstone colour combinations to be worn. Our collection of pink gemstones looks soft, gorgeous, and transcending as they’re paired with gold. Now, gold may come in rose gold or even just simple gold. The idyllic choices for you are our pink diamond jewellery in gold or the whole selection morganite jewellery. The selections here are truly endless.


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