The Best Jewellery Tips For Women Over 40

A woman has the age she deserves. – Coco Chanel

Just because you have achieved this new milestone in life does not mean you get to compromise with your jewellery choices. Have you lately looked into the mirror and found something frumpy and old? Well, if it’s not your age, dress or makeup, then what it is?

Probably your jewellery choices that have been taken a tweak as you hit the new age milestone. Turning 40, 50 or for that matter 60 does not mean you get to be lugging around only in your mom’s pearls! As you age and hit a new milestone, it’s for the better and to live life all new.

In fact, don’t let your age define your look. Embrace the new savvy you with little additions and come forward more sophisticated and experienced instead of putting your closet in a sartorial retirement home.

So, without any further ado, jump right in and keep your jewellery and accessory game right:

Don’t be fussy about experimenting

Over the years, you have made a lovely collection by inheriting, receiving gifts and indulging yourself. Experiment now with the collection you proudly boast without much fuss. Don’t fret in displaying metal mix up. White, yellow or rose gold – play your cards right and flamboyantly. There’s the world to look at you!

jewellery tips for women over 40

Vintage always wins

By now, you have been successful in getting your hands on at least some vintage marvels. Play with vintage jewellery with more sophistication and see how it puts everyone in awe. Whether an earring, necklace or a drop dead gorgeous bangle, if it is vintage, it speaks for its ethereal beauty itself.

An arm candy than stacking up your arms

To witness your fierce and mature self, you don’t have to take host of anything simply for the sake of looking young. How about slipping on one classic arm candy than stacking up n number of well-earned pieces?

Don’t overdo

Simply as you age, there are some great treasures you end up embracing in your life. A sparkling tanzanite ring, a statement diamond necklace or some spectacular beauties in emeralds, sapphire, and ruby – there are plenty your treasure trove collection is enriched with. In a rush to shine your best, make sure you do not turn out too gaudy. Choose your statement jewellery wisely and go for accentuating one feature at a time.

Following trends too hard can ruin your style

Follow the path less taken, and that clearly has to do by choosing your own set of style. In terms of chasing the trends, you may end up losing your own style and look washed out in the race.

No to huge earrings

Earlobes may get droopy as one age, so it’s best to say no to huge earrings. Small studs that are high on style or hoop earrings works best that won’t pull them more. If everything fails, clip-on earrings can always come to your rescue.

Put in some birthstone bliss

This is a universal trend not wary of any age. Enlighten your roots by wearing your birthstone as often as you like it to. Birthstone rings, earrings, and pendants work like magic in ushering a timeless elegance.

That’s that. Age is again just a number. Sprinkle your own elements and feel comfortable in your skin, dress up and bling. Jewellery speaks your personality, ensure you match the vibes and turn heads at every path of life.

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