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Ugh! Isn’t it unquantifiably tiring to look for the perfect bra or shapewear when you are on the curvier side of the spectrum? Even if you are fortunate enough one fine day and find something nice, its either limited edition or out of stock. And don’t even get us started on what happens during the holiday season. Given this year’s impending festivities, the market is crammed with stunning dresses and figure hugging Halloween costumes. Not that all women should be obligated to be or are interested in showing up as the Halloween favourite “sexy nurse” or sultry “cat-woman” to parties on the 31st of this month. However, those who do wish to dress up like them should get a fair chance to look their best, shouldn’t they? We, at TJC, understand this far too well. Hence, we are very excited to present to you our special lingerie & shapewear collection from SANKOM SWITZERLAND. Read on to check out some of our best-selling products.

Classic Lace Bra

Patent Classic with Lace Bra - Black
Patent Classic with Lace Bra – Black

You will fall in the love with the smooth and soft feel of this bra against your skin! Available in 4 sizes, the bra is perfect for daily wear as well as vigorous activities or sports. What makes this item extremely comfortable to wear is its construction using a light weighing, highly durable and breathable patent material that is also anti-rip. Its ingenious and scientific research-based construction provides support to the breasts and uses their weight to support the back. So, say Au Revoir to that irksome back-ache and saggy breasts for good! And that’s just the beginning. Apart from regulating blood flow in and around the chest area, it lifts  up each breast individually for a flattering, toned and perky look. Those unflattering uni-boob days are going to be a thing of the past for you, ladies! Available in Black, Light Pink and classic White colour; the lacy exterior lends an additional and charming detail to your look, especially under deep-neck tops and blouses. Medically approved and suitable for pregnant women as well, its wide and soft straps do not dig into the shoulders even after several hours of wearing it. We can already feel our shoulders being grateful.

Bra For Back Support With Plunging Neckline And Aloe Vera Fibres

Patent Cooling Effect Bra For Back Support - Beige
Patent Cooling Effect Bra For Back Support – Beige

When it comes to finding the right bra for those celebrity-approved attires with plunging necklines, things get really tricky. Specially designed bras meant for deep neck clothing may offer Aphrodite-like looks and appeal in the front. But, the shoulder digging and chest-choking that goes on behind the curtains is simply not worth all the hard-work. Don’t you worry! Here is the perfect bra by SANKOM that offers the same comfort as the Lace Bra we mentioned earlier. It works ideally with plunging necklines providing a smooth and seamless push-up effect to your décolletage that looks very flattering. We are certain that you would be delighted to know that it contains no under-wires. So, forget the irritating discomfort of wires digging into your breasts from the sides. Furthermore, it has been fashioned using special patent Aloe Vera Fibres that offer a soothing and cooling effect all day long. Its impeccable supporting and posture-correcting properties lend your upper torso a toned and youthful look with no bulges, tyres or floppiness In sight. Apart from plus-sized and heavy-bosomed women, the bra is suitable for pregnant as well as lactating women. Available in three colour variants – Black, Grey (with Bamboo Fibres) and Beige (with Cooling Fibres).

Posture Correction Shaper Shorts With Aloe Vera Fibres

Bamboo fibers Posture Correction Shapers Shorts - Grey
Bamboo fibers Posture Correction Shapers Shorts – Grey

Shapewears can be extremely disappointing and well, useless (for the lack of a better term) most of the time. You purchase the best option available after intensive searching & trying and they do their job laudably in the beginning, no doubt. Nevertheless; some uses later, they seem to lose shape and their purpose with it. You must be thinking – “Been there. Done that.” Well, try SANKOM SWITZERLAND’s Posture Correction Shaper Shorts and you’ll never be pessimistic about shapewears ever again! Not only does this item retain its shape and shaping-qualities for years; it offers outstanding comfort and ease to the thighs, butt and lower waist thanks to its unique and patented construction that uses different levels of diagonal, flat and point compressions that correspond to the anatomical zones of the body while adding a shapely, toned look and considerably reducing the appearance of bulges or tyres. Can you believe that a piece of clothing can do all that? Amazing, isn’t it? Featuring revolutionary Aloe Vera Fibres, it offers a soothing cooling effect. Breathable, non-allergenic and super soft; the wonder-shapewear is available in three colours – Black, Grey and Beige and 4 different sizes.

Shaper Vest With Bra And Lace

Patent Vest with Bra and Lace - White
Patent Vest with Bra and Lace – White

What will we get if we mixed the previously mentioned products? A super-wonder shaper? Absolutely! And SANKOM has already done that. Here is a cleverly designed Shaper Vest with an added bra and lace decoration. Not only does this product shape your body flawlessly to ready it for a stunning bodycon dress, it offers a seamless finish covering the torso and upper half of the lower body making all the cellulite vanish. Its revolutionary construction effectively distributes cellulite to give the illusion of taut thighs, buttocks with a toned stomach. The bra supports the breasts and adds a smooth round shape to them while supporting the back with their weight. The wide straps do not dig into the shoulders making it ideal and super comfortable to wear all day long. This is only amplified by its light-weighing, soft, airy and breathable material. A godsend for our plus-sized beauties, this works well for older women too. Worried that the saggy skin on your lower abdomen in the wake of your little one’s delivery will look unsightly in that divine LBD you want to wear? Well, we would definitely want to put this out there that you shouldn’t! It’s a completely natural part of being a new mommy. But if it still bothers you, then allow this vest to work its magic. It wouldn’t just feel super cosy but also help maintain a healthy body posture which will help you in the long run. The item is available in three different colour options – Beige, Black and White.

Patent Vest with Bra and Lace - Black
Patent Vest with Bra and Lace – Black

We are all blessed with unique looking bodies. Some of us are beautifully skinny while some gorgeously curvy. Distinct looking but unified, bittersweetly, by our body image issues and concerns. But don’t you just sit there feeling upset with your appearance. You are fabulous and unique in the way you look (well, there could be 7 other people who look exactly like you, scientifically speaking. But, that’s a topic for another day 😊)! The point is that just a little guidance and the right lingerie & clothing choices can help you completely transform your look and put your best self forward with unbeatable confidence. So, go ahead and check out our select SANKOM SWITZERLAND collection and flaunt those sexy blouses, bodycon dresses and Halloween costumes without an ounce of worry!

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