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We all are aware of the zodiac signs and the birthstones dedicated to each of us, but do you know about the birth flower jewellery and its connection to each month? Continue reading to know more.

We might not know, but every month of the year has a dedicated flower to it, just like a birthstone. Similar to how a zodiac sign represents our birth, a birth flower is also believed to signify the similar characteristics of an individual. The customs and beliefs of having a birth flower are said to date back as far as Roman times, which later gained popularity during the Queen Victoria’s Reign. The flower jewellery is deemed to have particular importance in an individual’s life. It is said not just to represent nature or behavioural facts but can also bring health and prosperity to the wearer. The birth flower jewellery symbolizes a meaningful formation with a specific flower dedicated to the wearer. Our collection of Birth flower jewellery features delicately crafted bracelet charms, earrings and a lot more with the absolute finish and stunning details. If you are looking for a piece of personalized jewellery to add in your beautiful collection, keep reading:

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Birth Flower Jewellery on TJCCarnation or Snowdrop

Carnations best describe the month of January. They are also believed to symbolize love, and this is the primary reason why they are adapted in the wedding decorations and venue designs. The beautiful flowers are further said to express fascination and distinction. Snowdrop, on the other hand, is said to represent the beauty and concept of rebirth. It stands out from the lap of nature and reminds us of all the small little essentials and their importance in lives. So now, gone are the days of bouquet and flowers, pick a personalized jewellery piece adorned with carnation flowers.

Birth Flower Jewellery on TJC Violet or Primrose

 These flowers of February are said to be associated with truthfulness, modesty, and virtue. Both tiny and beautiful flowers look very soothing and appealing. The ancient Greeks believed that violet represents the goddess of love and beauty.

Birth Flower Jewellery on TJCDaffodil or Jonquil

 These both beautiful flowers are connected to one another. They represent the rebirth that comes with the spring season and are said to promote domestic happiness. Both the flowers represent the beauty of spring and can also denote hope and new beginnings.

Birth Flower Jewellery on TJCDaisy or Sweet Pea

 Where daisy is said to represent the simplicity, purity and innocence, the Sweet Pea on the other hand is assumed to denote intense pleasure, possibly due to its pungent fragrance. The daisy forms one of the largest families in the botanical world and hence can be a great flower to embrace in a jewellery closet. The Marigold, sunflower and many other beautiful flowers fall in the daisy family.

Birth Flower Jewellery on TJCLily of the valley

Often called as May lily, the lily of the valley is well known for its small flowers and piquant fragrance. Its beautiful and delicate essence has inspired a lot of perfumes and body mists. The essence of the flower is often used in beauty products, alluring people all over the globe. The flower is believed to represent the return of happiness.

Birth Flower Jewellery on TJCRose or Honeysuckle

We are sure the king of flowers Rose does not need any introduction. It’s enchanting essence, and alluring personality is enough to make it a birth flower of June month. While rose stands to represent the bond of love and affection, the honeysuckle too, is said denote devotion and affection.

Birth Flower Jewellery on TJCLarkspur and Water Lily

 In the language and world of flowers, the Larkspur is said to represent beautiful spirit, swiftness and levity. If you are a cheerful person born in July, the jewellery designed in the shape of this flower will best suit your nature. The water lily is a type of floating flower; it is fresh and said to symbolize enlightenment. It emerges from the mud and floats on the water and hence is often said to stand for purity and divine birth.

Birth Flower Jewellery on TJCGladiolus or poppy

The word Gladiolus evolved from a Latin word for little sword. Both the flowers are equally beautiful and have various meanings to pass on to the wearer. The first, Gladiolus flower is said to indicate honesty and strength; meanwhile, the other flower called poppy is suggested to denote sleep and peace.

Birth Flower Jewellery on TJCAster

The name of this beautiful bloom comes from a Greek word for Star. It is a unique flower with gorgeous purple colour, and can further be found in blue and white hues. This flower of September is said to indicate the love, morning glory with passion and rebirth.

Birth Flower Jewellery on TJCMarigold and Cosmos

 Since the gorgeous Marigold looks a lot like Sun, it is often believed as a flower of warmth and love and creativity. The word Cosmos is picked from the Greek word for orderly, beautiful, and ornamental. The vibrant colour and slight fragrance of the Cosmos is bewitching and enchanting to all.

Birth Flower Jewellery on TJCChrysanthemum

 Said to signify optimism and happiness. This flower of November is an absolute stunner. It is a member of the daisy family, best known and identified for its bright ornamental looks. Available in various cultivated varieties, the flower is perfect for adorning a jewellery piece of design.

Birth Flower Jewellery on TJCNarcissus or Holy

The flower Narcissus can often be confused with a gorgeous daffodil and is said to stand for sweetness and faithfulness. The holy, on the other hand, is said to signify peace and goodwill. Both the flowers are absolutely gorgeous and can offer their said properties and beauty to the wearer.

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Whether you are an April Daisy or Rose of June, we have soothing for each beautiful one of you. Now fluently carry your birth flower in the shape of a charm or a pair of earrings with the help of TJC. With an excellent assortment of products crafted with delicacy and perfection, we have a beautiful flower for each one of you! Find your mate today.

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