Black Friday: It’s going to be BIG this year

The biggest shopping festival of the US, in fact, the world we should say, is just around the corner. Soon after Thanksgiving, the shops will be flooded with people, online shopping bags will be checked out at the speed of light and the sales will soar high with people shopping their hearts out on this one day.

Although we all know that it is last Friday of November and wait for it all year long, we hardly know why it is called Black Friday. We’d love to think that there is more to it rather than just a shopping wishlist but alas, that’s not really the case. But for what it’s worth let’s at least find where it gets it’s name from. No one actually knows for sure how this term was coined but there are quite a few interesting rumours around its origin. Read on!

So what is Black Friday?

Black Friday finds its origins to mid-20th century in the USA when the day after Thanksgiving, Philadelphia witnessed a chaotic scene of shoppers and tourists flooding into the city to watch the annual Army-Navy football game on Thanksgiving weekend. The term was actually used by the Philadelphia Police Department in 1961 to describe the event; it, however, didn’t catch on at the time.

When’s the BIG day?

The day after Thanksgiving had been an unofficial start to the Christmas shopping season in the US and saw a great footfall of shoppers in the stores so the retailers who were operating at a loss also ended up making profits in the timespan. A little over twenty years later than the Philadelphia event, the retailers connected their balance sheet in the red (operating at loss) finally turning to black (operating at a profit) on account of the festive season discounts they offered till Christmas.

Black Friday in the UK

Traditionally in the UK, the term Black Friday hasn’t had great press, linking it to pre Christmas chaos and over indulgence at the pub! However, everyone loves shopping and so finally, in 2015, Black Friday was predicted to become the biggest shopping festival in the UK with tremendous spends in just 24 hours.

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Happy Shopping!

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