Blue Topaz – November Birthstone Special

As November commences, the weather tends to get bit chilly and autumn is officially morphing into winter. November is also a month of rich British folk history with festivals and traditions reminiscent of forgotten legends and pastimes.

But for the style enthusiasts, it is more of an exciting take. As winter spreading wings and layered appearances is a usual sight, jewellery to bling with November is interesting to find. But for November borns, Topaz is at their rescue. Discovered by the Romans, Treasured by the World – Topaz is a rare treat. It looks magnificent when paired with icy diamonds and platinum.

Topaz is one of the most revered yet diverse gemstones, unfolding into a plethora of colour range. But, the striking appearance a blue Topaz creates, nothing can even match to that. A hard wearing mineral core and a fragile crystal structure, it is a truly unique yet enticing gem to get your hands on.

Topaz and History

The magnanimous beauty of Topaz birthstone have made it featured throughout the ancient history from Greek, Romans, Egyptians and no better ambassador of the stone than the Queen herself. Our very own Queen and monarchs who preceded her proudly boasted Topaz bling into their exquisite jewellery repertoire.

The Egyptians had a notion that – Topaz could protect them from any injury.

The Romans believed that – resting the stone upon eyelids could strengthen weakening of eyesight.

The Greeks had some supernatural beliefs – Topaz stone could make the wearer invisible in an emergency.

Several notions attached, but the enigmatic beauty for whatever reason still outshines even luxe gemstones.

A Trend-setter

The high affordability and suitability for everyday wearing, Blue topaz jewellery is a catch and making waves among the eyes of fashion police. The icy blue gem depicts the winter chills of November and taking the jewel-toned trend to the next level by adding a stylish piece of jewellery that echoes the look. Sums up the winter deal, right? From Pale sky, Swiss blue to London blue hues – the various shades manifest high-end style and bling with a sheer incorporation of this semi-precious gem.

Blue Topaz Jewellery

Colour in Topaz holds a huge significance. The deeper the hue is, the more sought after the gemstone is. London Blue Topaz, therefore, is proudly known as creme de la creme of blue topaz.

A Versatile Pick for the Season

No wonder, tuning into the majestic hues of this November birthstone is all worth for. So, fall prey to the invincible gorgeousness of the marvellous baubles so curated in it. After all, highly revered gemstone jewellery like these is for everyone who values the pristine blue colours of the winter.

Enjoy November borns, Blue Topaz jewellery is your icing on the cake!

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