Bonfire Night: Know it all!

If you have been celebrating Bonfire Night ever since you can recall, but do not know what it really stands for, then now’s the time that it all changes. We’ve compiled some interesting facts and tips for this special night.


On November 5, 1605, when Guy Fawkes and his supporters failed to carry out their Gun Powder attack on the House of Lords. Londoners celebrated their king’s safety by lighting bonfires. Over the years, it evolved into a ritual with people celebrating with bonfires and adding fireworks to the celebrations.


It is a top family night and a perfect occasion to throw a grand party for your extended family and friends – and it’s an amazing chance to flaunt your amazing home décor! We have got some tips for you right here to ensure that you garner some serious admiration from the guests.  Since the night is all about lights and fireworks, we suggest illuminating each and every corner of your house with candles, lights, and lanterns:

 1. Check this Kitsch cool hut style metal tea light holder to illuminate your living space effortlessly and in the trendiest way.

2. Add a hint of sparkle with this snowflake decorative hanging light holder and illuminate dark areas with style and class.

3. Perfect to lighten up the staircase, these 3 fancy cutwork tea light and candle holders will speak volumes for your décor sense.

4. Pick this Handicraft lantern made of black wire to add an air of sophistication to the outdoor decorations.

5. This handicraft Mosaic Glass lamp in two tones will grace your bedside table like no other piece can.

6. This set of two black colour six-sided dome shaped medium and small Roof Lanterns is quite European and a great fit for outdoor decorations.

7. Add an element of style to the table tops with this flower-shaped shell inlay semi-flat bowl, place dried flowers or use it for finger food, this will look.

8. What else will look beautiful on the table top is this set of two round-shaped hammered tea light holder in rose gold tone.

9. Everyone loves to own distinct pieces that will make a statement and such is this set of a blue glass bottle opener and cork stopper crafted with brass and plated with silver.

10. Your home is a reflection of your personality; make sure the things you add to it do justice to your persona.

How do you celebrate Bonfire Night? 

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