Great Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Wedding season is well and truly upon us  and while you may be inundated with wedding invites, you may also be planning your very own special day.

Now, everyone knows you’ll have a lists upon lists to check, check and undoubtedly check again, venues to book, and things to finalise in preparation for your big day, but hopefully you’ve pulled in all your best gal pals as bridesmaids to help you out – even if you only trust them with the little things, when it all gets too much.

The little details really do counts, and while it may not be smooth running, once your wedding day has arrived, everything will fall into place naturally and you’ll realise, nothing would have been the same if it wasnt for your trustee girl gang aka your bridesmaids, so why not give them a gift that’ll hold real sentimental value and that they’ll appreciate forever.

Take a look at our handpicked gifts your bridesmaids will love:

Depending on the type wedding setting you’re having, a gift representing this would represent your special day and your bridesmaids part in it. Rustic barn weddings are big for 2016,s o if you’ve got something similar planned, our nature inspired collection is something you need to covet. Our mixed metal butterfly pendant is a great call and saves on having to get everyone’s ring size too – did you know that butterflies represent happiness and hope?

Earrings are another great choice and can be a personal gift. If your bridesmaids have different styles, how about picking a pair of gemstone stud earrings will be a surprising and special gift for you team – check this classic pair of Rose De France Amethyst Studs.

A Beautiful bangle is also a special piece to give to your friends. These are another universal gift that will suit anyone and can be styled with anything (so there’s no reason for them not to wear it)

Whoever you’ve chosen to be your chief bridesmaid has passed a test only they could have passed, which means they hold a special place in your life and your heart. It may be worth considering presenting them with something a bit different and a little extra special. Pearls are always nice gift, no matter what type of style your bridemaid has, so this Pearl and White Zircon ring is definitely fitting for the occasion, or if you’re looking for a purse friendly option this is perfect too!

If you’re really stuck for ideas – here’s one for you. What month is your wedding? Base your gift on the birthstone of the month! whether its a specific, colour, hue, or gemstone, find something that marks your day, properly.

Have you ever received a bridesmaid gift, if so what was it? If you have any ideas for a great bridesmaid gift, share them, we’d love to know! 



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