Bling It On!

Enter the statement earring!

As we enter the Autumn 2012 fashion season we see the fabulous statement earring still dripping off the models strutting down the runway. However, instead of the fun and flirty “Pat Butcher” style earrings that we saw in the Spring and Summer 2012 Collections, we are now seeing more opulence and elegance. Lots of black and gold, sheer luxury.

Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2012
Jason Wu Fall 2012


Rachel Galley Sterling Silver Earrings

So how do we take this look from the runway into our real lives? Just a few hints and tips for wearing statement earrings: 

The main issue you have with wearing “big” earrings is the common problem of looking “over accessorised”. So to avoid that follow these simple steps:

Step 1:

Make sure you don’t wear your earrings with a equally big necklace. Its either big earrings OR big necklace, never both!

Step 2:

If you can, sweep your hair back to show off your great pair of earrings. Just make sure your hair is simple!

Step 3:

Try not wear your chandeliers all day. They are heavy and will pull on your earlobes. So maybe think about reserving them for going out on the town and pop them in as you leave the house!

Well first things first, you need to grab some shoulder duster earrings… 

Remember chandelier earrings are an easy way to add lavish feel to an everyday outfit and will quickly help you transform from day to night. Pssst!….. Keep a pair in your handbag!  

White crystal earrings
White Crystal Earrings from The Jewellery Channel


Rachel Galley Tanzanite (11.90 Ct) Sterling Silver Earring
Stunning Rachel Galley Tanzanite and Sterling Silver Earrings. A great buy!
White Austrian Crystal Lever Back Earrings
White Austrian Crystal Lever Back Earrings, from The Jewellery Channel.

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