“Brooching” the subject …

You say “brooch” and it tends to conjure up pictures of a dusty dowager or a prim debutante. Oh how wrong you are. The brooch has got to one of the best all rounders when it comes to jewellery. And this season it definitely needs to be included in your jewel box.

Star styling. Thanks to the latest clutch of celebs, the brooch is no longer pinned to the past. It’s on a revival path and is being reinvented in interesting new ways. Brooches are super versatile and theres so much you can do with them.

Think out of the box. How about wearing a brooch in your hair; what better way to glam up a party hairdo. Or maybe convert a pretty pin into a necklace. Add some style to a plain headband, giving a distinctive “hippy” vibe.

Katherine Heigl

Where to wear it. So if you’re going to stick to the traditional, why not throw in a little twist. Think of somewhere other than the shoulder. How about on a belt or a hat. We chatted very quickly with our lovely presenter, Ellis Ward; her great advice was, “what better way to tame an unruly Pashmina”

Celebrity brooch styling

Why not take a whirl through some of the brooches you can nab from TJC? 

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Do you wear brooches? Let me know if you are loving the new updated trend in the reply box below.

Love TJC x

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