Bucket List of Rare Coloured Gemstones

We can’t say no to the stunning and cheery sparkle of gemstones. With colours and patterns that are fit for treasures, gemstones are a luxury we all keep falling in love with! But the true hunt is for rare gemstones. We’ve compiled a bucket list of 6 rare coloured gemstones that you absolutely need in your collection. Their lustre, sparkle, and magic are unrivalled and undeniable. Read on to know everything there is to know about these incredible gemstones.


6 Rare Coloured Gemstones You Need

In this list, you’ll travel through the spectrum. These lustrous and magical pieces offer a sense of opulence and luxury that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Meet your matches, reflecting perfectly in their glimmering elements of glamour. Find below the 6 rare coloured gemstones you need to get grabbing now:


Prasiolite/ Green Amethyst

A remarkable, clear gemstone with just a hint of green, Prasiolite Jewellery is loved for its sharp cuts and sleek finish. The stone is also referred to as Green Amethyst and is used in a wide variety of jewellery pieces. The slight colour seen in an otherwise clean make is appreciated and loved by countless. This property combined with its faceted glimmer makes it lead our bucket list collection.




Solid and pure black in colour with a lustrous, oily surface, this stone ranks on top of our list of rare coloured gemstones, and with good reason! The stone offers excellent appeal in both faceted cuts as well as cabochon cuts. The iconic ebony hue looks beautiful nestling in all the jewellery designs. Be it graceful jewellery or something eclectic and modern, the gem fits perfectly with all designs. Charcoal black and awe-inspiring, Shungite Jewellery is the perfect add-on that your style needed!




Light blue just like the open sky, this stone does so much more than represent freedom and joys! In some pieces, you may even find some faint white clouding, which makes it appear just like a cloudless sky. The loving hues of this gemstone are pretty when paired with all kinds of ensembles. Find beautiful cabochons of this stone and wear the magic of skies and colour that it carries. The quaint and gentle beauty of Amazonite Jewellery has won the hearts of countless, and is sure to win yours, too!




This gem is known for its timelessness, quite literally so. It has been formed over the course of several hundreds of years, from the natural resin of trees. Some specimens of the gem also contain real insect residues, too! Hued in a dark honey tone, it is loved by all that wear it. The glory of age and mystic time has been best reflected in the sheer beauty of Amber Jewellery making it rank in our top-most coveted rare coloured gemstones.




Bright and yellow, just like the Sun, this gemstone is all about power and energy! Look at the bright and beautiful yellow colour of it, and dare to deny its excellence. With energies that come borrowed straight from the Sun, this stone sits wonderfully well on your jewellery designs. Its clear surface and fine faceting tend to enhance its element of sparkle all the bit more. Citrine Jewellery has always been favoured for both colour and cut, so pay special focus on that.




Faint purple hues and shimmering sparkle perfectly define this gorgeous gemstone. Kunzite Jewellery is loved for the faint lilac hues of the stone. Pair the colour with immaculately done faceting, and you’ll have a showstopper at your hands. This stone ranks in our top rare coloured gemstones list because of its beautiful hues alone. As the centre stone in jewellery designs or accenting gem, this has the purest look.


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