Buying Engagement Ring – A Man’s Guide

We understand that it must have taken lots of guts to finally pop the question to your loved one. But now that you’ve done it, she actually said yes! And she must be excited for the ring if you haven’t bought it already. Here’s where the tricky part comes into play. It even seems like popping the question was much easier than buying the ring! Don’t fret, dear reader, we’re here to rescue you out of this quandary. Here, we’re offering you a complete guide to buying engagement ring, biased completely from the male perspective. 


Buying engagement ring from a man’s perspective

When women see their ring, they see the bright sparkle, the cut of the stone, how it looks on their hand, and how big the rock is. But when men go out shopping, they seek completely different things. Here’s an insight into your thoughts – would it string your savings completely dry? How do the two last rings you saw differ from each other? How can a small stone cost so much?

Don’t begin panicking. Follow these 4 simple steps that will lead you to that sparkling perfect engagement ring that she wouldn’t ever say no to. Take our word, this is the safest bet.



Buying engagement ring with a budget


Step 1 – set a budget! Don’t drown in feelings, be reasonable. You don’t have to shave off three months’ savings in buying engagement ring and you certainly don’t wish to bring debt as a present. It makes sense for you to decide how much you can actually afford to spend. You may exceed the set budget by a couple hundred pounds, but it’s crucial to set a limit. Here are some affordable engagement rings that you can choose from. If you cannot afford a diamond, then there’s always Swarovski, a stone that brings you the charm and magic just like a diamond itself. Do browse other ideas, such as Swarovski Crystal Rings or Ruby Rings, which denote love and passion, too!



Buying engagement ring with a theme


Step 2 – choose the ring style that suits her. Now, here’s one thing to positively keep in mind – this ring going to stay on her finger forever. An engagement ring is sometimes worn every day; it’ll definitely be worn for a long time till the wedding band replaces it. So, you need to choose a style that matches her personality well. It could something as simple and minimal as a halo ring, or something as classic as solitaire rings. You can keep exploring for more till you find that perfect piece, trust us, there are countless options. Let us give a few ideas here, maybe something grabs your eye!



Choosing gems while buying engagement ring


Step 3 – finalise on the stone that you’re going to use. It all boils down to the centre stone that you’ve selected for her. The most common and often picked stone for an engagement ring is a diamond. Buying engagement ring with diamonds is always a safe option. But, ask yourself, does she want a diamond? The evolving trends command the embellishment of more gems than the classic diamond. You can keep the options open and explore the several different stones that can be seen on designs. Some of the more popular collections are of sapphire rings, tanzanite rings, or even morganite rings. Let us give you a little bit of inspiration here.



Picking right metal while buying engagement ring


Step 4 – Elect the base of the band. Now that you’ve chosen the colour and the cut of the stone, find the band base. The most popular metal used when buying engagement ring is gold. Platinum, too, is considered as an ideal choice, given its timeless nature. However, it doesn’t stop here. The new trend of rose gold rings has struck everyone’s interest. You can even find pieces with a blend of two metal tones, perhaps even all three! It is important that the colour of the stone used matches the tone of the base. Here are some inspiring options that can perhaps help you out a bit in choosing the perfect ring.

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