Calling November birthday girls!

Born in November? Well you may not know this, but your birthstone is the citrine gem. We at TJC are a bit obsessed with gems, so we thought we would share our knowledge on this beautiful stone.

Warm, fuzzy feelings: Soft golden hues radiate from the citrine stone, representing the quiet inner strength and fire of those born in November. The stone is symbolic of hope and strength; perfect for people with birthdays in the cold winter days of November!

Great Brazilian citrine and silver lever back earrings.

Deep dark Madeira citrine and silver and ring – a real showstopper, a great cocktail ring.

Beautiful Madeira Citrine and diamond pendant, you’d be as happy as Larry with this in your Christmas stocking.

Quick history bite: The Romans were thought to be the first to wear citrine, but it is said that it became popular during the Romantic period as it enhanced the beauty of gold jewellery.

Hocus pocus: Back in the Romantic period people believed citrine had magic powers, so they wore it to protect themselves against evil thoughts and snakes!

The geology bit: Citrine is the sister stone of the amethyst. Some believe that citrine may have actually begun as amethyst, but heat from nearby molten rock changed it to the yellow form of quartz.

Funny fact: If left in the sun for a long period, citrine stones change colour! It’s a permanent colour change though, so if you like the colour of your stone, keep it away from long stints in the sun.

Gifts with meaning: Birthstone jewellery makes a thoughtful gift that people will treasure forever; so they’re ideal presents for loved ones. Check out our range of citrine jewellery to find the perfect design for you or someone special.

What’s your birthstone? We want to know what it is, and if you feel it matches your personality.

Here in the office we have a November birthday girl who has the typical qualities of those with a citrine birthstone – loyal and friendly; and we have a February baby who is calm and unflappable –typical traits of someone with the amethyst birthstone.

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  1. Amethyst birthstone it does match my personality.It is nice to wear a stone that has a lot of history.The stone is stunning and nice to look at and wear.also when light catches the stone enhances the colour.

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