Caring for your sparkle: How to look after diamonds

Diamond jewellery is always a beautiful and elegant choice. Nothing sparkles quite like diamonds, which is why they are a popular choice for jewellery from rings to necklaces to bracelets.

However, if you don’t look after your diamonds, they can soon lose their sparkle and start looking dull. Taking time to care for your diamonds correctly will ensure your jewellery stays in the best possible condition and your diamonds continue to sparkle.

So exactly how do you care for diamonds? They are one of the hardest substances on earth, which means they are highly resistant to damage. This doesn’t mean they are low maintenance though.

Here are some of the easiest ways to care for your diamonds and ensure they always look beautiful.

Separate storage

As with any jewellery, you should aim to remove your diamonds at the end of every day. Whether you wear them all the time or only occasionally, ensuring you don’t leave your diamonds on overnight will help to avoid damage to the metal or settings that could result in a lost gemstone.

You should also store your diamonds separately from other pieces of jewellery. This is because diamonds are so hard and they could damage other pieces. Ideally, you should use a fabric-lined jewellery box that provides different compartments for each piece.

Avoid cosmetics

Everyday products like lotions, hairspray and makeup can all dull the shine of your diamonds. Your diamond jewellery may be hard-wearing but the gemstones are a magnet for oils such as those found on the skin and in cosmetics, which mean they can build up and leave your jewellery looking dull and grimy.

You should try and avoid as much contact with cosmetics as possible, putting your jewellery on after you have done your hair and makeup. This will help to reduce oil build up, keeping your diamonds looking gorgeous between cleaning.

Avoid cleaning products

As well as steering clear of cosmetics like body lotions, you should also remove your diamonds before having baths or showers. Some cleansing products can be corrosive and can include oils. While these won’t damage the diamonds themselves, they can affect the metal settings; causing damage to the jewellery as a whole.

Just as with shower gels and shampoos, home cleaning products can be corrosive. In fact, they are more likely to be damaging to jewellery, leading to scratches or colour changes. If you can’t remove your diamonds before cleaning your home, you should, at the very least, wear rubber gloves.

Clean regularly

The best way to keep diamonds sparkling is to clean them regularly. This will remove any oils or dirt that has built up on the stones and that are leaving them looking dull.

While you can have your diamonds cleaned professionally, doing the job at home is just as effective and much cheaper. All you need is warm water, dish soap, a soft cloth and a soft, clean toothbrush.

Simply add the dish soap – you don’t need a lot – to warm water in a bowl and soak each piece of diamond individually. You want to keep everything separate as throwing them all in together can cause damage. Leave your jewellery to soak for between 30 minutes and an hour depending on the size.

Remove the jewellery and wipe it down with the soft, clean cloth. If there are any areas that are particularly dirty – such as underneath the diamonds – use the toothbrush to gently remove the oil and grime. Dry the jewellery with the cloth and you are good to go.

Ideally, you should aim to clean jewellery every month or so. However, you don’t want to over clean your diamonds as it can wear the metal of your jewellery down and compromise the stone settings.

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