Check In with Caroline

I hope that you’ve all had a good summer whether at home or abroad.

I was lucky enough to have a two week holiday on the Riviera Maya in Mexico and had a fabulous time.  Some of you may know that I am a keen scuba diver and this area of the world has some of the most superb dive sites.

It offers some amazing reef dives off the island of Cozumel where we went into the blue seeing incredible temples and gardens of coral as well as a huge loggerhead turtle and a nursing shark!

The currents were fairly fast and it felt like we were flying  whilst looking out into the vast ocean of blue.  We also did a challenging wreck dive and were able to go inside the ship and explore.

Inland, there are some unique cavern dives called the Cenotes with stalagtite formations accessed through a small lake admist the mangrove forest.  I particularly love diving in these, despite part of the dive being in the dark.  We even surfaced into a bat filled cave!

image (00000003)

The best dive of all was into a sink hole which had a layer of hydrogen sulphide halfway down.  This hovered over an island in the middle of the pit that had sunken trees on it. It was spooky but very different and gave the illusion of a river running through the island although we were 30 metres down.

The holiday wasn’t all underwater though, and we had plenty of time to sit by the pool, get a tan, and drink far too many cocktails too!

Caroline Lyndsay in Mexico

It’s great to be back and resuming my shows on TJC Choice Monday – Thursday from 2-6pm.  I hope that you can join me soon on Sky 660.

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