Cheer in Holiday Wear – St. Patrick’s Day Styles

The holiday feast is finally here, and we can’t help but get the celebrations on! But what’s a celebration if you haven’t styled right for it? So, don’t just sit there and get in the parade spirit. Pick from our selected and presented St. Patrick’s Day styles and become the centre of the party! Don’t miss out our ideas of fashion in the different lines. Check them all out below:


St. Patrick’s Day Styles for Jewellery

A subtle and versatile way of wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day without looking like a leprechaun is by clasping on elegant jewellery pieces. We have a stunning and ravishing collection, set apart for this festive day. In fact, you can go easy on your pockets and pick from our range of green gemstone jewellery under-£4.99! Wear the luxuriant oeuvres expertly finished by skilled artists. This is certainly one fine way to make your St. Patrick’s Day styles stand out brilliantly. Not only for the green day, but you can also wear these stunners for a long, long time to come!


Green Necklaces
TJC necklaces of St. Patrick's Day Styles
Jardin Collection- Hand Carved Green Jade, Pink Mother of Pearl Necklace


Studded with green crystals like Russian Diopside, emerald, quartz, or spun with beaded goodness of jade, our green necklaces add the festive vibes without bathing you in the colour. Fine a dainty, elegant, and classy piece to style with your ensemble or style of choice. You may pick a fabulous beaded chain necklace, laced with green jade or you can sport a dazzling and sparkling beauty studded with rare green emeralds.


Green Earrings
TJC earrings for St. Patrick's Day Styles
Kagem Zambian Emerald and Natural Cambodian Zircon Dangle Earrings



Another stylish and lovable way of celebrating a festive is by wearing green earrings. Find your perfect gorgeous piece that flaunts the brilliance of this colour, paired with designs of your likes. Be it simple studs or captivating chandeliers, there is something for every requirement and preference. Find your delight and wear subtle hints and hues!


Green Bracelets
TJC bracelets for St. Patrick's Day Styles
Rare Hand Carved AAA Green Jade Stretchable Bracelet



Pair your style right with our green bracelets. Laced with the shining goodness of green beads or studded with the bespoke element of sparkle in green crystals, we have everything that you might want. Fashioned in different tones of metal like traditional yellow gold, fancy white gold, and darling rose gold, these St. Patrick Day styles are something you won’t be able to say no to. Get fashioned with the graceful additions and classy designs.


St. Patrick’s Day Styles for Fashion

If you’re in the cheer and want to flaunt it, then you must go with green fashion! Our St. Patrick’s Day styles in fashion bring you some absolute stunners for ideas that you can wear. Win all the appreciation and stand out among others in the parade, too, when you’ve got these beautiful ideas on. After all, it’s not necessary that you go all-green on the day!


Green Handbags
TJC handbags for St. Patrick's Day Styles
Boutique Collection High Glossed Vintage Style Green Tote Bag



An absolutely charming style essential has got to be an ideal handbag. There’s no accessory of fashion that speaks of your style quite like a perfect handbag. If you’ve been meaning to buy a new one lately, why not go for a beautiful and elegant forest green-hued stunner? This St. Patrick’s Day go elegantly green with posh style and easy carrying. Choose a ravishing item that suits your requirements and personality and rock the parade! Come and look at our green handbags to get the best picks.


Green Scarves
TJC scarves for St. Patrick's Day Styles
100% Mulberry Silk Green, Black and Multi Colour Handscreen Paisley Printed Scarf



The comfort and cosiness of scarves cannot be paralleled! And if they’re tinged green, then their allure is simply priceless. Wrap fashionably perfect goodness around your neck paired right with gorgeous designs. Made from wool or silk, these green scarves are good to go for any occasion. And not only for the St. Patrick’s Day styles, but these fashion essentials can be worn all through the year!


Green Watches
TJC watches for St. Patrick's Day Styles
EON 1962 Swiss Movement Sapphire Glass 3ATM Water Resistant Watch



It’s time for a change and we have just the thing for you! If you’re looking for a new watch and this holiday spirit is taking over, then you can get the best of both. It’s easy; all you need to do is pick a perfect green watch. Studded with real green gemstones or equipped with exotic green straps, these essentials with suit all your ensembles with grace and awe.


Green Brooches
TJC brooches for St. Patrick's Day Styles
Simulated Emerald (Mrq), Green and Magic Colour Austrian Crystal Flower Wreath Brooch



If you’re feeling the festival but don’t wish to go overboard with it, then pick from the darling and cute green brooches. Select from a myriad of fabulous designs and clip on the cutesy things on your lapel of coat or hat or even bags. Studded with gemstones or shining in plain metal, these adorable little fixtures will not only add on to your dress but can also be decorated as clips. You can even wear them as pendants and lace them through the chain of your choice.


St Patrick’s Day Styles for Makeup

If you want to go bare minimum and subtle in your St. Patrick’s Day styles, then wearing green tones in makeup is just the thing for you. Get faint notes of this festive colour and wear them in the most tasteful fashion. Pick from the clever little tricks of wearing green below:


Green Eyeshadows
TJC makeup for St. Patrick's Day Styles
Klever Koncepts 9 Colour Glitter Palette – Vibrant



Like many celebrities have done and flaunted on the red carpet, a sparkling and exotic green-tinged eyeshadow is you need this festival. Just apply a thin and faint amount or blend with other colours for the night out partying. It’s easy and it’s beautiful. In fact, we have just the palette you can use for this. Pick the stunning, forest green and richly pigmented colours from Klever Koncepts eyeshadow palette and make statements!


Green Nail Paints
TJC makeup for St. Patrick's Day Styles
Blue Trio: Blueberry, Pure Diamond & Copenhagen



Another classy way to get in the holiday spirits is simply by painting your nails green. Pick the shade, simple or sparkle, and accentuate your flair with the gorgeous colour tone. Find your perfect choice of hue and shade, and match with well with your ensemble. To help you get a better idea, there’s this set of three colours by Mavala that offers an instant pick-me-up shade of green, perfect to be paired with your St. Patrick’s Day styles!

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