Chocolatey smoky quartz – good enough to eat

Smoky Quartz

Tune in today, Tuesday 11th February from 12pm to 2pm and again between 6pm and 8pm for the glorious Smoky Quartz Collection. 

Colour we can’t live without
Brown gemstones are few and far between, with brown diamonds being the leader of the pack and gaining a fashionable following. But what about something more affordable and more obtainable? Smoky quartz is the answer.

With a collection featuring necklaces, earrings, bracelets and much more The Jewellery Channel presents a timeless and sophisticated look

Around the world in ancient times
Often popping up in history books from around the world, smoky quartz can be carved and polished in many ways and hence grew in popularity in ancient times.

Chinese Smoky Quartz snuff bottles The Chinese used smoky quartz to make ornate snuff bottles, often carved in relief and finished off and adorned with gemstone stoppers. Wealthy ancient Romans used the gem to create elaborate carved intaglio seals. These ornate seals were used to leave impressions in wax to personalise letters and to ensure privacy – if the seal was broken, the letter had been read. From around 3000 BC the Egyptians made beads and jewellery  from the smoky gem. Staying a little closer to home and moving north, smoky quartz is the national gemstone of Scotland and has long been considered sacred, a belief dating back to the time of the Druids.

Hocus Pocus
Smoky quartz is said to have a soothing and calming effect, easing stress and turning negativity into positive thoughts.

Where is the world
Widely available smoky quartz is found throughout the world. Important deposits being in Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique, Australia, Switzerland, and the United States. The Scottish Cairngorm mountains produces a beautiful smoky yellow-brown coloured gemstone. 

With its earthy tones and beautiful chocolate-brown shading smoky quartz jewellery is the perfect choice for all seasons. Browse our collection on Pinterest below:

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