Choose the right earrings to compliment your face shape

Here at TJC we are passionate about jewellery and we love, love, love earrings as they are a staple accessory everyone can wear with confidence! Earrings can be the finishing element to any outfit adding an accent of glamour with a number of fun shapes, but first you need to understand what styles compliment the shape of your face. Keep reading our guide to find out what suits your face shape best!

Everyone is unique, but there are 6 main face shapes categories almost everyone can identify with, these are: Oval, Round, Heart-Shaped, Square, Oblong and Diamond. To visually identify what shape you have, look in the mirror and trace round the shape of your face with a bar of soap or lipstick (anything that’s easy to wipe off), and stand back to see what category you fall into.

Find your face shape

Oval– The width of the forehead is as wide as the cheekbones. The face narrows from the cheeks down to the chin, creating an oval shape.
Round– Similar to the oval shape, only wider around the cheekbones and the cheekbones do not taper down towards the chin.
Heart-Shaped- The forehead is wider than the cheeks. The cheeks taper down to the chin. Also have an angular jaw.
Square- The Forehead, cheeks and jaw are all around the same width. The jaw bone is very angular and nearly looks like it’s on a 90 degrees angle.
Oblong– Sometimes called a ‘rectangular’ face. This shape is similar to the shape of the Square, but it is more elongated and narrow, with a rounded jaw line.
Diamond– This shape face is very angular, with strong cheekbones. The eyes and the widest part of your face sit on the same line.

Once you identify the shape of our face you can choose the right earrings to compliment your face, accentuating your natural features, making you stand out from the crowd.

Find the Perfect Pair

Studs are the most commonly worn earrings, and that’s because these universally suit everyone. Vamp up your look with a pair of studs that can take you from desk to dinner. Studs sit on the earlobe and feature gemstone or semi-precious stones in various colours. These earrings are truly the most versatile accessory.

Oval shaped faces have it great as most style earrings look good on them. Teardrop- shaped earrings accentuate their features and create a sense of symmetry, balancing the lower part of their face with another dimension.

Those with round faces should avoid hoops or dangling circular shapes. Instead they should aim to elongate their faces with sleek teardrop style earrings or dangle earrings with a long angular design that hang past the earlobes.  If you want the elegance of tear-drops, dangles are the perfect alternative as they also sit against the face, but they have wider scope in design.

Because of the tapered angle of Heart -shaped faces, women with this shape should adopt wearing dangle/ chandelier styled earrings, which naturally have larger shape towards the bottom. This will balance the bottom of the face with the forehead, adding a sense of symmetry.

Square faces can tone down the harshness of their face with hoop earrings. Adding a different shape to the equation works well to balance angles and make your face appear smaller. If you like to add drama, wear oversized hoops which brush the jaw, however avoid wide earrings which will further accentuate the wideness of your face. There’s a large stigma with hoops as some believe they cheapen an outfit. Try smaller or deconstructed hoops that take on more of a semi-circle shape which can instantly add a stylish twist on a classic.

Of course, it’s almost the complete opposite for those with oblong faces. Rock a pair of big pearls to widen the face. Or, try a pair of dangles, these tend to shorten the look of your face and soften its narrowness.

Diamond shaped faces look best in long elegant earrings with a curved shape. These earrings will minimise any sharpness around the cheekbones or jawline. Cluster earrings with a teardrop/ oval shape will work greatly against your strong angles and perfect for dressing up looks.

Earrings can be an inexpensive way to accessorize and finish off an outfit. What earrings suit your face?  Use our guide to see what type of earrings accentuate and flatter your face and highlight your beauty with our Earring collection now!

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