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When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, there is much an excitement about the ring than the event in the going-to-be bride’s mind than anyone else’s! With the ever growing and changing trends it is noted that its not just the dazzle of diamonds that has a lady swooning, gemstones of every possible colour from the rainbow are appeasing their minds.

It was believed that diamonds are the rarest of gems but it turns out that some of the coloured gems are the most rarest than the diamonds are taking centre stage in the engagement ring market and area being accepted with open arms.

The importance of an engagement ring does not only signify a bond between two persons to be wed but has a deeper meaning which dates back to the times of the romans. They believed that a special vein from the ring finger of the left hand goes till the heart of the wearer which they named as the “vein of love.” Thus, by wearing a particular stone you are not making for a pretty picture but also imbibing the energies of the same in your life, not to forget your marriage too.


Let’s have a look at some of the stones below and their meanings to help you understand and pick a gemstone that you will feel more connected to.

ALMANDINE GARNET: Enticing wine-red hued garnet makes a promise to love and protect your partner for eternity and symbolize the unity of passion and serenity.

AQUAMARINE: A part of the beryl family, Aquamarine is known to display calmness and the serene beauty of the ocean in its beautiful hue. It reminds us to convey our love to our partners on a daily basis whether through actions or words.

TANZANITE: Known as one of the most rarest and prized possessions this pleochroic gemstone is an enchanting piece to wear on one’s ring. Wearing tanzanite on your finger symbolizes that your married life will be a fairytale in itself!

EMERALD: Symbolising a happy and successful marriage, another member of the beryl family, Emeralds are known for their regal appeal and beauty. Displaying a lush green hue, Emeralds are also one of the top 5 most coveted gems.

BLUE SAPPHIRE: Signifying loyalty and honesty, sapphire is a stone that is known as one of the favourites of the royal family and has beautiful sparkling blue colour. However, it is available in a rainbow of other colours, too!

RUBY: The regal appeal of this deep red hued gem cannot be missed by any. Ruby has a scintillating appeal and colour that will enamour anyone. Signifying passionate love between the two persons, ruby will keep the couple close knit always.

PINK DIAMOND: One of the rarest of the diamond varieties, pink diamond signifies that not only your wedding but even your marriage will be full of surprises. This distinct choice will also make you stand out of the crowd.

MORGANITE: A perfectly feminine stone displaying a lovely pink hue, is also a member of the beryl family and is sometimes even referred to as the “Pink Emerald.” Morganite stands to represent that your wedding is a union decided in heaven and that you and your husband will have a happily ever after for life.

CHAMPAGNE DIAMOND: These golden-brown hued variety of diamonds add a distinct appeal to the ring but also make it an elegant and modern choice. Champagne diamond encourages you to celebrate each other always and also be each other’s support system.

PINK SAPPHIRE: Another gemstone that defines the feminine beauty of every bride-to-be. If you are one who is a dreamer of lifelong romances and true love, then pink sapphire will do justice to your dreams. It will also encourage you and your partner to loving, thoughtful and kind to your partner always.

Whether you choose to pick a solitaire style or be more extravagant with a halo pattern, engagement rings are certainly a piece of jewellery that speaks to you more. You can now make a choice from the gems listed above with their symbolic meanings. Coveted for their appeal, hues and glamour, you should always go for one that you would like to cherish for a lifetime!

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