Christmas Brooches: Made For People Who Love Celebrations

TJC Poppy Collection

Do you ever wish you had an accessory that you could wear anywhere on your body? We know what you are thinking now, does such a piece of adornment exist? Yes, it is the brooch, an underappreciated accessory you hardly take out from your jewellery box! The versatile piece of jewellery has a long history of being an ultimate statement maker. From being the favourite of the royals to becoming meaningful bauble used by women as an extension of their own persona, with time they have won more and more hearts. The best part of wearing a brooch is, you can wear several of them at once without feeling weary (unlike the other things you use for accessorizing). 

If you haven’t worn one yet, now is the right time to do so. We are bringing an exclusive Christmas brooch collection that lets you put your emotions on a display and tell everyone you are loving christmas. Cute snowman wearing a hat, adorable Santa Claus, X-mas tree, and more, there are countless designs to quench your appetite for buying a brooch you will be proud to show off this christmas. Once you have selected a brooch that resembles your favourite christmas character, you might feel stuck when it comes to styling it. For that here is a brief guide explaining the different ways you can style our sparkling brooches.  

  • Lapel of Your Jacket / Coat –  One of the most traditional methods of wearing these shiny beauties is pinning them to the lapel of your coat or jacket. A multi-coloured brooch will look exotic on a monochrome jacket.  
  • Handbags – You don’t necessarily have to pin it to your outfits. Add a little shine to your boring handbags with our christmas brooches. You can even pin them to your purse!  
  • Hats / Cap – These brooches work pretty well with all types of hats even the formal ones. Accenting your cap with a single large brooch covered in fascinating embellishments or elaborate detailing can give you a sophisticated look.  
  • Collar –  Did you think you can’t wear a brooch on your collar? Well you are wrong! Smaller brooches can subtly makes your neckline extremely pleasing to eyes  
  • Necklace – It can be pinned to a shorter necklace like choker to give your necklaces a drama look. 

That is all we have for today. It is time to put what you have learned into practice and dive into the world of the stunning brooches. Enjoy adding a festive vibe to your looks like we do at TJC with our Christmas brooches. They are made especially for people who can’t stop themselves from saying ‘Merry Christmas’.  


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