Cleopatra’s jewels, lapis lazuli

Ancient lapis lazuli jewels

Lapis Lazuli – Brilliant blue and shimmering with a spattering of gold flecks. Lapis a semi-precious blue stone and one of the oldest treasured gems in the world.

An age old love affair… Lapis lazuli, these mysterious and heavenly blue gems evoke thoughts of an age of opulence and wealth. The ancient Egyptians were in love with lapis lazuli. They crafted pendants and beads from it, and it is featured on Tutankhamen’s iconic death mask.

Abracadabra and hocus pocus… Ancient civilisations believed that lapis lazuli could protect the wearer from the evil eye. Today, it’s believed it enhances personal awareness, insight and intellect – it’s said to make you feel peaceful, and at ease with yourself.

It’s all about the fashion… Lapis lazuli although an age-old stone has a decidedly contemporary feel, a stark contrast to its more sparkling gemstone cousins. Its saturated intense cobalt colour contrasts perfectly with silver and gold.

The rich blue hues of lapis lazuli is going to make a huge impact in the upcoming spring and summer jewellery collections. We’re already seeing the celebs sporting the fabulous blue gemstone. Jada Pinkett Smith looks every bit the Egyptian princess teaming her emerald green gown with big chandelier  lapis lazuli earrings and a knuckle duster cocktail ring. Make sure you are ahead of the crowds and get your lapis jewellery on order.

Jada Pinkett Smith, Lapis lazuliRight, so here is how you can minic the stars with The Jewellery Channel range of lapis lazuli jewellery. You can go casual with a leather wrap or really add some class with a big statement necklace and bracelet set.

Do you like lapis lazuli and the whole regal appeal about it? Do you own any? If not be sure you do, and soon!

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