How close are November’s Birthstones: Topaz & Citrine?

Topaz and Citrine are November’s decadent duo and although they may look miles apart in terms of appearance now, these two gemstones have more history than one may think.

November borns may count themselves lucky as they get to enjoy two very different gemstones – One gemstone that mirrors the frosty winter weather and the other that brings warmth and joy, however, although they look different on the outside, these two stones have shared a confusing start.

Topaz is known as November’s primary birthstone and is adored for its captivating sparkle that is captured in its many colour variations.

Although, it has become a popular gem and an affordable substitute for many other more expensive stones, Topaz was once confused for Citrine.

In Ancient times these two decadent stones we found on an island called Topazios,  in the Mediterranean, as Topaz’ natural colour has always been a brown/yellow golden colour, its stone was often mixed up with Citrine, which holds a similar colour. (The colour is the only thing that confused collectors about the stones as their size and form are completely different.)

So you may wonder why blue coloured Topaz is such a favourite now. Yellow, brown and gold Topaz’ were fit enough for royalty, but as nature rarely produces blue Topaz, so jewellery lovers were drawn to its rarity, however due to 20th Century technologies, this colour variation is now widely available and affordable, which is why it is a stone that can be enjoyed by anyone.

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