Cocktail anyone?

The warm weather is upon us, well almost. And that means weddings, barbeques and parties are on the horizon and that means so is cocktail jewellery.

The bigger the better really when it comes to cocktail jewellery. Easiest has to be slipping on a fabulous ring and voila your outfit is instantly transformed to celebrity très chic style! Don’t limit yourself though, big necklaces, a fabulous watch or an armful of bangles are great choices too.

Heidi Klum loves her cocktail jewellery, mixing semi-precious stones like turquoise, amber and opals. Always on a bold scale her cuffs, pendants and cocktail rings are sure to turn heads.

Heidi Klum

Keep it classy: Cocktail jewellery is big and beautiful, but the last thing you want to do is be brash as well. Loading up on the sparkle is a great way to lift your outfit, but think about it – galactic sized earrings with a massive chunky necklace may not give you the right look. The key thing is knowing when to stop.

The clothes clash: Match your cocktail jewellery to your outfit. A ruffled blouse would probably not look good with an oversized necklace. Best match has to be your “little black dress” and something fabulous like and armful of bangles.

Cheap chic: Just because you decide on keeping the price down doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style. By all means go all out and keep it real, but just remember you can choose the cheap and chic route. The choice is yours, click on over to the TJC Cocktail Collection and get yours today.

Is the cocktail jewellery style for you? What do you find exciting about it and how are you going to bring it into your wardrobe?

Until next time, keep being fabulous.

Love TJC xxx

P.S. Make sure you tune into our special TV event on Friday 12th April when we are going to feature the TJC Cocktail Collection.


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