Coiffed couture – hair bands!

Hair should never be an afterthought. Whether you just want a new look, adding some finishing touches to your party outfit or tidying up your unruly tresses – hair bands are the way to go.

Hair bandsWe’ve seen hair bands come and go over the years and this year they’re on a comeback. On the catwalks for Spring/Summer 2013, we saw a number of different hair trends, from messy unkempt styles, to the sleek slick low ponytail and the quintessential hair band!

We all know hair bands are a must if you’re a festival reveller, but what about the rest of the year. Are they for you? Do they even suit you? Whether you’ve got long hair or short, you’re blonde or brunette, curly or straight, this is how you take the intrinsic hair band from the catwalk to your locks.

The short and the long of it. If you’ve got a cheeky pixie cut, you’ll add an instant girly touch with a distinctive 60‘s feel when you pop on a hair band. For you girls with longer locks, what better way to calm your flowing tresses?

Colour couture. The most important rule here is not doing the whole matchy mathcy thing – a white hair band will get lost in your platinum blonde hairdo. You’ll get the best effect if you go for contrasting colours.

The great debate, curly or straight. When it comes to hair texture, hair bands are a great accessory. Hair bands are great for taming your curls and keeping them away from your face as well as simply adding to a really clean sleek look.

So there you have it! Gone are the days of the twee “Alice band” – hair bands are très chic and are sure to keep you effortlessly coiffed. Don’t delay, browse through the TJC range of hair bands now!

Love TJC x

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