Colours of Topaz – 7 Picks of November Birthstone

Taking its name from the Sanskrit word “tapas” for fire, topaz is a stone that comes in a variety of warming hues. This birthstone of the month November will bring you not only oodles of luck and happiness but will also make you one stylish diva. It is believed that the quality of topaz increases with the intensity of its colour. Our collection of Colours of Topaz brings you different celebrated shades of this magical gemstone! Look below to find a cheery vast option of colours and pick your favourite of topaz jewellery.


7 Colours of Topaz

Available in a whole spectrum of rainbow hues, colours of topaz are unlimited. There are so many coveted picks to choose from! Get ready for that amazing show of lightning clarity of lush play of colours. Here are the different types of topaz:


Yellow Topaz

Colours of topaz - Imperial topaz ring
Imperial Topaz, Diamond Ring

Known as Imperial Topaz, this stone looks like it has captured the immense power of the Sun! Clever faceting does it absolute justice, as sparkles from every angle. It is also considered to be among the more expensive varieties of the gem. Speaking astrologically, it is believed to symbolize love, protection, and wealth. Healers also believe it to be a strong, powerful positive crystal.


White Topaz

Colours of topaz - White topaz earrings
White Topaz, Natural Cambodian Zircon Jacket Earrings

Often confused with diamond, this among the different colours of topaz is must-have. Comparatively much lower priced than a diamond, it has a unique look. It is also called the glacier topaz and look picturesque with elegant and subtle pieces of jewellery. It is known and believed to symbolize purity, truth, and positive energy!


Blue Topaz

Colours of topaz - Blue topaz ring
Marambaia Topaz, Natural Cambodian Zircon Ring

Even though they’re not natural gemstones, the blue topaz has made quite the name for itself. London blue, electric blue, or sky blue, there are many varieties of this colour in the gem. Symbolizing the spirit of open sky and electric rush of gushing waters, this is stone you definitely need in your collection. It is a stone that is believed to be used for peace, harmony, and relaxation.


Mystic Topaz

There are several kinds of topaz that include a celebrative rush of changing hues. In fact, mystic topaz itself includes a wide range of shades. Here are some of the more popular and coveted ones.


Northern Light Ecstasy Topaz

Colours of topaz - Northern lights mystic topaz
Northern Lights Ecstasy Topaz, Natural Cambodian Zircon Ring

As a beautiful symbol of Northern Lights phenomenon, this stone is artificially created using physical vapour deposition, which is applied to the white topaz gem. Beautiful with an iridescent play of hues, this stunner looks magnificent paired with all styles and ensembles.


Mercury Mystic Topaz

Colours of topaz - Mercury mystic topaz
Gold Mercury Mystic Topaz, Natural Cambodian Zircon Ring

This new addition to the world of gemstones is created artificially. A single white topaz is taken and the bottom of it is lined with a thin layer of titanium. The result looks ethereally perfect with its white-iridescent colours magically playing at the surface. Paired with your choice of attire, it reflects sublime colour transformation when viewed from different angles.


Mystic Green Topaz

Colours of topaz - Mystic Green topaz
Mystic Green Topaz, Amethyst and White Topaz Ring

With a unique and interesting play of greens and blues, this particular gemstone is a new addition to the world of gems. It has exceptionally bright iridescent shades, with a mixture of medium to dark green. The gem is, however, artificially made, where plating of titanium is applied to the pavilion of the cuts. This procedure is done with electricity.


Mystic Neptune Topaz

Colours of topaz - Mystic Neptune topaz ring
Mystic Neptune Topaz, White Topaz and London Blue Topaz Ring

The ultimate goal of cocktail jewellery, this stone captures a kaleidoscopic play of colours. It looks perfect paired with bold yet sophisticated jewellery styles. Coloured and made artificially with different tinges of blue and violet, you can lose your senses in the picturesque beauty of this stunner. It’s always better in bold size and is one of the best and most favoured ones in colours of topaz.


Colour your ensemble with the delightful colours of this amazing gemstone and pair with any style of occasion. Cut and chiselled to perfection, it is a true beauty studded in all kinds of jewellery. Pick the one you favour the most and be a runway diva at the next party.

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