Colours you need to wear for AW15

The new season is technically here – even if you do want to try and hold onto summer for as long as possible – which means a whole new colour scheme. Autumn and winter are always about luxurious shades and fabrics, creating styles that look warm as well as feel it.

However, this year a few lighter tones are remaining popular, creating a really versatile mix of colours. Not only does this mean you can layer up your summer fashions to get more use out of them, it is also perfect for those who don't want to go totally dark for AW15.

Here are some of the top colours you should be sure to add to your wardrobe for the next few months:


Perfect for adding a subtle softness or for creating a stormy ensemble, grey is a great colour for the new season. There are loads of ways you can wear it, making it one of the most versatile shades you can opt for.

You can mix different grey tones together to create a textured look or team the shade with other colours to result in a stylish contrast. For a brighter ensemble, grey works well with yellow, which really stands out against the sombre backdrop. 

You can also continue with the trend showcased throughout SS15 by matching grey with soft pastel pink, which is also an on-trend colour for this season. This can create a pretty and effective look that is a break from the deeper hues typically popular throughout autumn and winter.

For a subtle touch, mix in rose quartz jewellery with your grey ensemble to elevate it.


Another soft shade that can be both soft or vibrant is orchid, which is a popular choice for the season and has already started featuring across clothing, accessories and makeup. The purple shade is a break away from the typical plum tones that we see in autumn and winter, and can easily create a statement. 

It works well with other purples as well as pinks, silver and black and can create beautiful evening outfits as well as casual day ensembles.

However, as it is such a strong colour, it is a good idea to break it up with other shades to avoid it becoming too much. Jewellery is a great way to do this, especially if you contrast subtle shades – such as those found in moonstone – against the bright orchid. 


Another slight break from the norm and a trend that is continuing on from the summer is teal. This is a great progression from turquoise shades that were huge throughout SS15 and offers a really attractive alternative to the typical forest green shades that are popular in autumn and winter.

The blue-green tone works with every skin type, as well as for both day and night. We're expecting to see this shade feature across winter coats and accessories as well as clothing, allowing you to really brighten up your AW15 wardrobe.

It is also going to be big when it comes to eye makeup, allowing you to make a statement and ensure your entire ensemble pops. Team it with yellow gold jewellery for a warm and attractive style. 


One colour that totally makes autumn and winter, no matter the year, is the deep, luxurious red or burgundy. This shade comes back time and again, adding a festive element to your wardrobe and serving to contrast the cold and miserable weather of the season.

From burgundy lips, coats, clothes and accessories, you really can't go wrong with this shade. In fact, dark red hair also always seems to come into style at this time of year. 

It is the perfect choice if you want an element of glamour on an everyday basis, as well as during the evenings. You can even go further by adding some garnet jewellery to your collection. 

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