Competition time. Lucky number 13.

Is this the year that the number 13 becomes your lucky number? If so, try your luck and you could win this fantastic infinity diamond pendant.Infinity diamond necklace

Ok so this is how to enter

  • We’ve chosen 13 fabulous diamond pieces of jewellery. Pick your favourite and tell us why in the reply box below – but only one comment per person please.
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The prize

  • Infinity diamond pendant and chain (number 11).

*Terms and conditions apply

We’ve got a So don’t be shy, you want to win don’t you? Hurry though as the competition closes on Thursday 31st January 2013.

Good luck, TJC x


97 thoughts on “Competition time. Lucky number 13.

    1. I like no. 11 as it’s shaped like a pair of glasses, I’ve had to wear these since I was aged 9 and now my Grandson has had to start wearing them at age 8 and is not happy about it, must be my fault!

  1. 9 the diamond circle of life pendant is beautiful , lovely reminder of circle of life no matter what life goes on , l

  2. Number 7 the black and white diamond earrings are my favourite.They are totally unique and very designer inspired with a good length drop which is hard to find in diamond earrings.

  3. I’m torn between 3 (starburst) and 11 and 12 (infinity necklaces hanging in different directions – but I think starburst just edges ahead!

  4. No.1 is number one in my book. Elegant, simple and would go with anything…yes please!

    (Subscribed as requested and fingers crossed!)

  5. So hard to choose as this is a lovely selection of jewelery.
    I love number 9 as it’s so stylish and beautiful

  6. My fav is number 3.Because it makes me think of a big happy bright flower and so each time I saw it I would get a big happy bright feeling 🙂

  7. Diamond and gold plated bracelet, number 5.
    looks perfect for every day wear to make me feel a little bit special and remind me to sparkle in everything i do!

  8. No 8. Every woman should have a pair of diamond earings. They will be noticed by everyone who talks to you. They look so beautiful and delicate.

  9. hello, i have subscribed, my favourite is number 1 , well its me friends favourite, she has been through a really rough time with ilnesses and she put a post on facebook saying that this would really make her year, so i thought id enter for her, shes been a great friend and id love to repay her.

  10. I just love no 2 infinity Daimond link bracelet this is so beautiful fine and would be perfect for a 18th birthday prezzie,

  11. i love number 13 most. I love all that glitters. I fell in love with it at once. soo beautiful and unique to me. It looks like a lucky charm to me… attracting more positive vibrations and goodluck for the person who will wear it. thank you. x

  12. i like number 11 the best beacuse its like the one direction sighn and i LOVE one diretion, also this peice is absuloutly georgeaus 🙂 its stunning and id be proud to wear it 🙂 xxx thanks

  13. I love number 5, mainly because it looks so much like a bracelet I lost last year but with yellow stones rather than blue. Hopefully this year will be better for my jewellery collection!

  14. no. 11 as it reminds me of crossing fingers which is what Ive done for luck every time Ive stepped on the scales all of last year and managed to lose 3 stone. Doing the very same this year for the final 3 stone and maybe this necklace would bring me continous luck!

  15. My favourite is 3 – Diamond starburst necklace and chain. I just love the sparkle of diamonds, the sparkle from this piece of jewellery would be spectacular

  16. number 3 the snowflake-because it reminds me that like snowflakes we are all unique, individual and at the same time, beautiful. This is a lovely piece of jewellery.

  17. No. 9. I like the circle as last year was a little bit like the ‘circle of life’ – sadly my Grandfather died and within 18 hours my son was born.

  18. No 10 the circle of life sums up everything. We stand together with no start and no end, love is never ending and a circle of love will just keep giving,
    No corners, no points no start and no end. Love and life mingled as one

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