With February soon coming to an end, we can start looking forward to the start of the spring season. While you might be excited about the warmer weather and the new fashions that the season will bring, there are other things you should consider.

One of these is the effect that the switch to spring can have on your skin. Changes in temperature, light exposure and weather can all affect your skin.

You might think that spring will mean your skin stops being so problematic, but if you’ve settled into a routine throughout winter, even the smallest change can cause problems. Here are some great ways to keep your skin looking bright and beautiful no matter what the season:


Changes in weather that come with a new season can unbalance your skin, making it either dry or oily. Either of these come with their own problems, including shiny patches, breakouts or flaking skin.

However, you can avoid your skin swinging one way or the other by using products that have balancing properties. This means that your skin will be able to maintain its optimal amount of oil no matter what.

A great option to achieve constantly balanced skin in natural oils, as these don’t weigh the skin down and allow it to carry on with its everyday processes.

Argan oil is a fab choice as it can remove makeup and dirt quickly, will tone your skin, reduce the appearance of lines or marks and work as a moisturiser, making it great for use at night.

You can also find other balancing skincare products that will do a similar job. Have a look at our beauty range to find what works for you.


Of course, having the right products won’t make much of a difference if you don’t stick to a skincare routine. You should ensure you’re looking after your skin by maintaining a routine, as this will make it better able to react well to changes in the seasons.

Straying from your routine, such as by forgetting to remove your makeup for a night or two, can actually make your skin worse. You might find that it suddenly gets drier, that you get clogged pores or that it starts to look patchy.

If you want to maintain a clear complexion and reduce the chance of the switch to spring messing up your skin, make sure you maintain your routine.


Your skin needs certain vitamins and minerals in order to look its best and perform its usual functions. You can get these from food, but it can pay to take vitamins that are aimed at skin health.

Often, these will also help your hair and nails, meaning you’ll get loads of benefits and will likely see changes for better when completing your overall beauty routine. Take your vitamins every day – it is a good idea to take them at the same time so you don’t forget – and they will help your skin look after itself.

It’s always important to read the label of any vitamins and supplements to ensure it is safe for you to use. If you’re unsure whether you can take it, check with your GP beforehand.


One of the things people often forget to do when it comes to skincare is to drink enough water. You should be drinking around eight glasses of water a day to help maintain your overall health, which will also help keep your skin clear and balanced.

Water will flush away toxins that can affect your skin, keep it hydrated and looking youthful, so make sure you have a bottle or glass at the ready throughout the day.

Keeping up with these steps should help your skin look and feel great all year round and not just during the spring!


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