Constellation Collection – A Unique Take On Cluster Jewellery

When we read or hear the word “constellation”, the first thought that comes to mind is that of stars in a detectable pattern in the endless night-sky. But we are here with something that will certainly daze you with its distinctiveness; something similar yet even more enchanting than a constellation of stars.

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@rbrthrsk – giphy

Our talented designers and jewellery experts have come up with a unique concept of constellation-inspired designs that don’t just flaunt the beauty of stars but also an array of other motifs inspired from flowers and popular symbols. Boasting of a rich range of multi-toned rings, earrings and more; each bauble has been crafted with unparalled imagination and innovativeness. The harmonious beauty of uniform patterns and embellishments offered by our Constellation Collection will certainly enthral any jewellery enthusiast.

Here’s a look at some of the most amazing pieces this range offers:



Our collection is bountiful with gorgeously designed bands as well as stacker band rings that offer the most satisfying look with their harmonious designs. Available in solid gold to extremely lustrous gold and platinum plated silver finishes, these jewels have been festooned with the finest quality gems including classic diamonds, amethysts, spinels and even zircons.

Best way to style – Stack’ em up! Stacker rings, especially the ones from this range, look fabulous when worn one above the other. Try experimenting with pieces in different metal tones to create a distinct patterned, chic and appealing look.



Not too keen for gems? Then solid metal designs are exactly what you need. The stunners that you’ll see in this collection are certain to blow your mind! Their fine texture work is so uniform & precise, it can effortlessly spell-bind anyone. On the other hand, the ingenious use of selective metal plating and out-worldly intense buffing highlights the “beauty in uniformity” theme even further.

Best way to style – Go solo! Solid metal stacker rings from this collection look so majestic and radiant on their own, they work the best when worn individually. You can, however, go ahead and wear one on each finger for a charming look.



Earrings already offer a very harmoniously-attractive look given that they come in pairs with each piece featuring the exact same design. Imagine how enticing and kaleidoscope-like they would look if they are crafted in our constellation-theme? Well, they’ve already been! The gorgeous designs from our constellation range offer the most heavenly looking blend of uniformity, colour, creativity and brilliance.

Best way to style – Earrings with such notable designs are the perfect amalgamation of minimalism and elegance. These are ideal for a statement look where they get to shine optimally and catch attention.



Found your favourite rings and earrings from above? Then you just have to complete the set with matching necklace and bracelet! This range offers some of the most amazing designs on our website that will mesmerise lovers of both statement as well as sophisticated baubles. Shiny and radiant, these jewellery pieces offer amazing appeal and high-end jewellery-inspired good-looks.

Best way to style – Together is better! Add a pair of matching earrings and ring to your look with these pieces and you’ll be rendered capable of setting even the trendiest of runways on fire.



Nothing looks better than donning a set of matching, thematic jewels. Want some constellation-themed beauties from this range? We have sorted this out for you as well. Most of the jewels in our constellation collection have sister jewels that are perfect to wear together. These designs are sleek, versatile and luckily, easy-to-match with an array of other jewellery designs that include solid metal pieces with motifs and texture as well as subtly studded ones with spectacular gems like coloured-diamonds and dusky spinels.

Best way to style – Does a set need any addition? Absolutely  not. Such sets work spectacularly when you are seeking a look that grabs attention, perhaps, for a party or dinner? An evening dress, solid coloured pantsuit or jumpsuit with such a set will be pure magic!

Feel free to explore our constellation collection and find the most ethereal looking pieces that can effortlessly floor anyone with their aesthetic harmony and designer gorgeousness.

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