D is for Diamond….

Diamonds are the birthstone for April. Not born in April? Never fear, they’re for everyone really! Diamonds are luxury at its best and the most desired and coveted of all the gemstones. Never going out of fashion and staying classic for eternity. Celebrities are awash with diamond jewellery this season – now it’s your turn! Well a diamond is a girl’s best friend after all but also a great investment.

From the heavens: The word diamond is thought to come from the Ancient Greek word ‘adámas’ meaning unbreakable or unalterable – makes sense really, since it’s the hardest of all gemstones. Fable states that diamonds were shards from the stars that had fallen to earth, and wearing them would give you eternal love and purity.

Perfection takes time: Natural diamonds form under immense pressure and heat, and at great depths – around 87 to 120 miles within the earth’s mantle. It’s not a quick process either, you’re looking at between 1 billion (yes billion) to 3.3 billions years for diamonds to become what they are. Once formed, diamonds are pushed closer to the surface via underground volcanic eruptions.

Dimaonds, Anne Hathaway and Jennifer AnistonCelebrity fix: Celebrities aren’t scared of donning the latest and greatest in baubles, but you’ll always find them falling back on old favourites – dazzling diamonds. So many fab celebrities to choose from, we’ve gone for the lovely and classic styling of Anne Hathaway. Here she has stuck to the statement necklaces, never far from grabbing distance. The ultimate in style are her stud earrings – you can’t really go wrong.

Next let’s look at bubbly Jennifer Aniston – she’s taken her look to the max with two vintage art deco style diamond bracelets (because one is never enough darling), gargantuan dangling earrings and ‘that’ ring – her eight carat sparkler.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to have the wealth of the Rockefellers to be able to make the diamond trend your own – just take a look at the diamond collection on The Jewellery Channel website and find your perfect match.

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