Dancing in the Galley

I ponder no more, the sight of a snow dance makes me impulsive and I shop online without coincidence or care. The internal debate grows louder, will she…will she not…will she…will she not. The foreboding flowers fall short, the calories are nothing more than an invitation…but…and it’s a big one…the sentiment of an exquisite piece from an array of collections equates to thought. That impulsive thought exceeds mere words as the implication is explicit and profound.


It implores that I have navigated through arduous images, enticing auctions, delicate descriptions and an uncompromising conclusion has been made that this one piece, this single item sitting alongside thousands of others…belongs to you and only you. The debate rages no more, the dance continues through the night and I am solemn in my temporary solitude, aware that you will forget me no more.

Signing Out

Simple Simon

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