A Day In The Life Of A TJC Jewellery Buyer

Behind all the “glitz and glam” there is a wave of madness. Take it from us, but this is the scenario in the life of a TJC buyer. They are humans like us but have developed a flair for jewellery quite deeply that their eyes are always on bringing the best at TJC.

We often see them over endless phone calls, making drafts, scrolling jewellery pages, rummaging through magazines – all in all, a slightly unkempt situation. But that’s how they are! Bringing the best and the most out worldly jewellery for us.

From the most sensational to fine styles at TJC, they have always taken care of the demand and trends. It has become their innate personality to extract what is cost-effective yet make oodles of statement.

Isn’t it will be exciting, if we take you through the life of a TJC buyer and take some quick questions?

So, get along and without any further ado, let’s catch up with them and their real business.

What exactly is the role of a jewellery buyer?

It is not as simple as it sounds, buying the jewellery and display it on the web, there are several strings attached.

Well, one line – it is grilling.

A buyer needs to be on their toes. Always!

TJC jewellery buyer

Playing a slightly versatile role, few amongst are:

  • Forecast future jewellery trends and analyse the buying patterns of customers.
  • Identify production and supply difficulties and dealing with any problems or delays as it arises.
  • Meet with jewellery suppliers, managing the distribution of stock, negotiating cost prices, ordering stock, agreeing to timescales and delivery dates.
  • Build working relationships with suppliers to negotiate prices and with designers to sketch the concept.
  • Work close knitted with merchandisers and ensure that supply meets customer demand.
  • Forecast sales levels and preparing sales and buying reports and gather information on customers’ feedback on products.
  • Work closely with visual merchandiser to decide how goods should be displayed to maximise sales.
  • Analyse every aspect of the bestselling product (for example, the bestselling price points, colours or styles) and to ensure that they reach their full potential.

Too much, isn’t it?

What all things you keep in head when you buy? The process seems intricate, it will be great if you can brief us on it.

The more glamorous a jewellery buyer’s job appears, the more strenuous and taxing it is. More than bargaining and examining jewellery for its current and future value, it contributes added elements too. Jewellery carries distinct notions for everyone. People buy it to ace their beauty, for supporting their personalities, for investment, for collection, or for the gifts.

Jewellery buyer life

Being a buyer, we anticipate consumer needs for special occasions, wedding celebrations and holiday shopping seasons before finally get involved in the buying process. Buying takes care of aspects such as:

  • Occasion for buying
  • Current Market trend
  • Customer taste & preference based on age and locality
  • Selection of gem and supplier to provide incredible craftsmanship at a very phenomenal price.
  • Concept and design development
  • Competitive price research and negotiation with suppliers
  • Product development

At last, the most important is to check and match the actual product with the design given and give it a sign off to launch for the occasion at a very astounding price.

What are the challenges you often face as a jewellery buyer?

If I have to zero down on two top challenges, it has to be – time frame and developing products at an incredible price. Buying is a process. From developing a concept to the launch of a product, a perfect time framing is quintessential. eg – if something is designed for Valentine’s, it should launch a month before with proper planning and execution so that consumer can get their hands on the product in time for themselves or as a gift for their special ones.

Invariably, there is a multitude of challenges as a whole.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I can say, it’s the creative flair that keeps backing us! Being a buyer, creativity is a must, while developing concepts, designing and giving a real look to your imaginations keeping current trends and market taste on top of your head. However, as exciting as it sounds, it gives a real drill when we are working on concepts totally based on imagining or delusion.

Turquoise ring

But, when you see your imagination finally in hand (like your own baby), it is the most rewarding and gratifying moment.

Would you like to give a well-worked jewellery tip to us?

Totally, totally – play up with Little Charms!! These are too chucklesome and I delve the most in developing and buying these. One can magically fix these with any of the jewellery and it exponentials the drama.

You can turn up several unlike combinations and styles with this.

A message you want to give the customers to ease the task of buying jewellery?

Let’s say it that way – Jewellery is the exclamation point of any outfit. You can rummage through zillion websites or get your desires satiated at one. So, it’s more of a personal choice. Stick to your personality and don’t go overboard in making a statement. A high-end tanzanite ring could be your ultimate dazzler or for that matter, stacking plenty of bracelets won’t do.

Gemstone ring

Play up with your personal style. Period!

So, that was our tete a tete with the buyers who work almost round the clock to brought you some of the most astounding and never seen work of arts.

We’ll bring more, so stay tuned!

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