Dead Sea Spa Magik Comes to TJC!

Visiting a spa is a luxury not all of us can afford, but with Dead Sea Spa Magik Perfect Pamper Ritual beauty box now available at TJC, you can start enjoying luxury spa treatments in the comfort of your own home and at an affordable price that beats the high street!

Finders International was the first company to bring the benefits of the Dead Sea to the public over 20 years ago, and now TJC can offer you products naturally made products, not only great for your skin, but your health too!

The Dead Sea lies between Israel and Jordan, and for thousands of years people have used the Dead Sea for therapeutic and healing purposes. The Dead Sea is 392 metres below sea level, the lowest point on earth.  This means the heat and lack of humidity, means the water evaporates quickly, leaving a highly concentrated solution that provides the minerals for the finest skin care- Dead Sea Spa Magik!

The word Spa derives from the words Sanitas per Aquam which means to be healed through water (mineral water, mud and salt), this is the purest form of what we know to be a spa and Finders International concentrate on the authentic concept of healing with minerals.

For a lot of us it’s difficult to keep our mineral and vitamin levels at the correct balance due to the stressful and sometimes hectic lives we lead. Dead Sea minerals enable the body to function correctly and help us feel healthy and happy. Through using Dead Sea Spa Magik products, minerals within the body can normalise which bring our inner health back to balance.

These magical products will bring the Spa into your home, giving you a regular beauty regime with the added benefits of a healthier lifestyle. But what’s so great about this skin care brand above all is that the products contain natural ingredients – no parabens, allergen-free fragrance, have a Harmonised Water base, and use added an Organic Blend of Matric aria Flower Extract and Linden-Blossom Flower Extract, Lemon Balm Leaf Extract and Rooibos Leaf Extract, ensuring the very best for your skin!

We here at TJC have 500, yes, only 500 Perfect Pamper Ritual boxes on offer to you. Here are the 6 award winning spa products included in the box:

1 Refreshing Bath Shower Gel 350ml – A luxurious foaming gel that helps to prevent dryness, maintain skin’s elasticity and texture while making you feel revitalised and relaxed.
1 Salt Brushing 500g – This exfoliator brushes away dead skin cells and hydrates skin leaving it very soft and smooth. Containing Vitamin E the Salt Brushing protects against ageing and increases circulation, reducing cellulite.
1 Silky Smooth Body Lotion 350ml –Helps maintain moisture and firm skin. Instantly absorbs and a great lotion to use as an after sun agent.
2 x Hair Magik Serum and Mineral Shampoo Sachet 25ml – Soothes an irritated scalp, revitalises damaged hair and normalises oil and moisture balance.  Contains vitamin B5 for extra shine and conditioning.
1 Rich Moisturiser 50ml – A light and non-greasy moisturiser that nourishes and protects the skin.
1 Delicate Boosting Mask 75ml – Use to instantly boost your skin. A white creamy mask which can be easily removed. This product does not dry or make your skin feel tight, instead it invigorates and revitalises.

All the Dead Sea Spa products have 7 important minerals to help rebalance your life: Magnesium the anti-stress mineral, Potassium & Sodium– purifying and hydrating minerals, Bromide which is perfect for relaxing, Sulphur best known for its healing properties, Iodine – perfect for detoxifying and Calcium the anti-ageing mineral.

How to use your spa ritual at home
1. Add a little Bath Shower Gel to running water to create a rich foaming lather.
2. Standing in the bath or shower, take some Salt Brushing and apply all over the body in circular movements to remove dead skin cells and revive skin texture, then rinse.
3. Rinse hair with warm water and apply Magik Mineral Shampoo. Massage into hair and scalp until it lathers up, then rinse thoroughly.
4. Next, apply Hair Magic Serum, to freshly washed hair. Massage into scalp and cover your hair from roots to tips. Leave to work its magic for 2-3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
5. Apply Delicate Boosting Mask all over face and neck (avoiding the eye area) whilst relaxing in the bath for the required time. Remove with a natural sponge and warm water. Follow with Spa Magik Rich Moisturiser to reveal fresh toned and healthy skin.
6. After bathing, pat your body dry, generously apply Spa Magik Silky Smooth Body Lotion  all over your body, which instantly cools and soothes and hydrates even the driest skin.

If this sounds like a magical yet theraputic experience you want to enjoy at home, dont miss TJC’s live unboxing. Check in on Wednesday 29th April at 8pm,  but remember there are only 500 boxes available!

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