December Birthstone To Beat Winter Blues

It’s that time of the year when everything turns into a sparkling wonderland and the sheet of snow almost covers the streets for a Nordic experience. The magical time of the year is here and you must be quite near to take a buzz off of the work life.

After all, it’s Christmas and you need to glide high in the glee of festivities.

Not just that, the piled up gifts near the Christmas tree and little bundle of joys in the stocking fillers, the endless charm and celebration is everything to rejuvenate your soul and make you tempt for this month.

But when it comes to something special for Christmas, why not delve into an eternal gift? Of course, jewellery and that too in your birthstone.

Tanzanite is the December birthstone and suffuses the winter colours delectably. There are two other December birthstones – Zircon and Turquoise, but the magnificence of Tanzanite is truly outstanding. Therefore, December smears a beautiful shade of vibrant purples, soft blues and a hint of lilac with this glorious gemstone.

December birthstone

The infallible gemstone is extracted from only one part of the world – Tanzania and got an insurmountable brilliance for all the right reasons. Taking its name from Tanzania, this stone was first discovered in the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro and in fact, even today it is one of the only place where Tanzanite is found.

It is available in a spectrum of shades from pale violet-blue to ultramarine blue-purple and contributes to an impeccable aura. Rare, luminous and relatively new, this is one of the unique gemstones and can be passed down to generations as a classic heirloom.

In the struggle of finding a perfect gift for Christmas or for December borns? Tanzanite jewellery comes to your rescue. It serves a decadent fancy for the Sagittarians and also for your special someone whom you want to gift something extra. The invincible blue and white bling illustrate snow and ice and cool blue skies of winter making your jewellery choice even more magical and thoughtful.

Bought it or received as a gift? The possession of Tanzanite itself is a reason to celebrate. Gift the Sagittarians in your life this luminous stone and let their innate personality gel up vividly with this alluring gem.

Tanzanite ring

This season, gift your significant other something she will treasure forever. For better, a Christmas proposal with a sumptuous tanzanite ring.

Get into merrymaking!

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