How to decorate your home this Christmas

We here at TJC are absolutely pumped for Christmas and super excited about all the festivities leading up to the ‘big day’.

We may be jumping the gun a little bit but in celebration of Christmas day nearing we’ve put together a list of items to decorate your house, depending on your style.

So, whether you want to go all out with a full Santa’s grotto theme or go for festive elegance, we’ve got a whole range of cool decorations waiting to be hung and styled in your home!

Festive Elegance

If you love chic lines, monochrome, minimal coloured accents and effortless statement pieces, it’s more than likely that festive elegance is more suited to your style over the Christmas period.

Minimal yet effective this decorating style is stunning and can be a lot of fun to achieve, so go for pieces such as this set of red colour Paper Mache hanging stars or these Christmas bells – these can be hung on your tree, or different places around the house like around the mirror.

Our Paper Mache decorations are great as they are not too overbearing in design yet are effectively designed for the Christmas period using rich colours like red, gold, black and white, while using motifs like deer’s instead of a contemporary Santa or snowman image.

If you are trying to achieve a less in your face Christmas theme throughout your home, try hanging fairy lights which will bring a warm and cosy feel throughout the home, this will instantly vamp up your Christmas theme with subtlety.

Go all out

If you are a person who likes to go all out on decorations during the Christmas holiday, you may have already put them up, if this is the case more is really more so keep reading!

Turn your home into Santa’s grotto with cheesy decorations like these multi-colour ceramic LED light baubles. These will work perfectly against other Christmas lights which will make for a statement interior.

Go over the top all you like but steer away from being too garish, instead opt for Christmas themed ceramic statues that can be dotted around your home and invite Christmas cheer into your living space with awesome snow globes, perfect for making an instant style statement and a great gift idea.

Christmas decorations should not just be subjected to eye level hangings, venture out and go for ceiling hangings like this stylish snowflake hanging decoration.

Tea light holders such as this Christmas house are great at pulling together Christmas themes really making Christmas come alive, especially perfect when you have little children.

So, how will you be decorating your home over the Christmas season?

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