Diamond catalogue – Everything you need to know

Diamonds are the best thing that has happened to the world and everyone stands by that statement! There’s really nothing more brilliant than the tantalizing glare of this precious rock. Women’s best friends, these precious crystals also make the best kind of investments. And here is our diamond catalogue, containing everything you need to know about the diamonds


Diamonds, however, most popular to be colourless, are available in an entire spectrum of hues! Ranging from black to clear, these rocks have the best-unrivalled kind of sparkle there is. Given their added element of strength, it doesn’t come off as a surprise that they’re the most valuable stones encrusted in jewellery since ages!


That all said, it is also incredibly easy to get fooled into buying fake diamonds. It is very important to know the essential features of this crystal to make a knowledgeable and wise decision. That’s where our diamond catalogue comes into play. Have a rough read at it before you make any big investment.


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The Four Cs

The primary thing to study about diamonds is the fours Cs. Placed at the beginning to our diamond catalogue, you can understand the importance of it. The 4 Cs of diamonds stand for:

  • Clarity: By nature, most diamonds have inclusions or flaws. These are often invisible to the naked eye. However, this factor will affect their valuation by a jeweller as well as the flow of light, which makes the stone dazzle. Thus, the level of diamond clarity is important and is measured in a particular grading system to define the level of flaws inherently present. Diamonds with no flaws are extremely rare and are graded as FL (flawless) or IF (internally flawless).
  • Cut: Diamonds are crystals made of pure carbon, so they are one of the hardest substances known to man. Because of their durable rigidity, the only object able to cut or carve a diamond is another diamond.
    The way a diamond is cut is actually the most important factor in bringing out its optimal potential and for appraising its value. A well-cut diamond will have a glorious sparkle because it will reflect light spectacularly. The round-shaped, “brilliant” cut is arguably one of the best cuts to bring out a diamond’s beauty, so it has traditionally been one of the most popular.
  • Carat: Carat refers to the traditional unit of measurement for gemstone weight – it is the equivalent to one-fifth of a gram. While diamonds that are large in carats will obviously tend to be more expensive, the cut and clarity will also affect their pricing significantly.
  • Colour: A chemically pure diamond will be perfectly transparent, with no hue or colour, however, the fact is that absolutely pure, naturally formed diamonds are practically non-existent, they all have trace elements of yellow or brown inherent in them.
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Colours of Diamonds

TJC is a brand name known to procure just the best kind of crystals for you, from all across the globe! And our diamond catalogue also presents a whole spectrum of colours of diamonds to choose from! Have a look at our bestselling varieties:

  • Blue diamonds: With a deep and enriched shade of the hue, blue diamonds go as dark as black! Their entrancing glory is enough to steal your breath away! One of the rarer colours of diamond, the rings, necklaces, pendants, and other items encrusted with it have a divine look about them!

    Blue Diamond Stud Earrings
  • Black diamonds: Yes, that is right! There is something as the black diamond and it is as perfect as you’re imagining it to be! With the riveting ebony spell, this kind of jewellery looks luxuriously stunning paired with anything.

    Black Diamond and White Diamond Lever Back Earrings
  • Pink diamonds: A true delight is what they are! Soft and feminine tones of the pink diamonds make them one of our all-time bestsellers! The incredible clarity paired with the quaint and neutral tone makes for the ideal jewellery for her!

    9K Rose Gold Natural Pink Diamond Tear Drop Earrings
  • Colourless diamonds: Also known and regarded as the white diamonds, there are the first ones that pop in your mind when someone mentions diamonds. They’re truly ageless and versatile, with a behemoth sparkle that is a sure-shot winner for all events!




Limited Edition Carat Diamond Ring in 9K White Gold

Legends and Healing Powers of Diamonds

Diamonds become such an ideal stone for engagement rings not only because they’re incredibly hypnotising o look at, but also because they engage a deeper meaning. There are so many healing powers, myths, and legends that are associated with this gorgeous crystal. Our diamond guide will let you know a few of the more important ones:

  • Diamonds are known to harbour eternal love and adoration. It is the best kind of crystal to bring love, togetherness, and bonding in relationships.
  • Another noticeable healing property of diamonds is that it a powerhouse of positive energy. In fact, many healers claim that it is so powered that it never needs a recharge. It vibrates with optimism and positivity and lends the same to the wearer.
  • Ancient Greek and Romans held several legends when it came to the brilliance of diamonds. They truly believed that something as spectacular as diamonds can only be either tears of Gods or splinters of the falling stars from the heaven!
  • Owing to its positive energies, diamond has been used as a pivotal healing agent since the longest time. Many healers across the globe use diamonds to draw out the negativity. It has such a magical effect that some people started calling it a “miracle stone.”
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Diamonds are simply divine, no matter in what form, cut, or colour they come in! The diamond catalogue of TJC’s collection brings riveting new and trending designs of diamond rings, diamond necklaces, diamond bracelets, diamond earrings, and so much more!  The crafty and versatile stone is a magic-caster and hypnotises not only the wearer but also the admirers who look your way! Imagine the beauty of this crystal if it’s decorated in clusters – that’s what our cluster collection shows!

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