Did you take the leap? Unusual wedding rings you’ll love

As you probably know, this year was a leap year so we got an extra day in February. Not only did this give you an extra 24 hours to reach deadlines and do housework, it is also traditionally the day that women propose to their partners.

While ladies can pop the question no matter the day, many choose to do so on February 29th – which only comes around every four years – to keep the tradition alive. This means, there are many newly-engaged couples around this week!

Whether you got down on one knee on the 29th or at another time, or if your partner is the one who did the proposing, you’re sure to want the perfect wedding ring. This doesn’t necessarily mean a yellow or white gold band, as any ring can serve as your wedding ring.

If you’re looking for something a bit more unusual for the day you say ‘I do’, here are some great ideas:

Eye-catching stones

Rather than a plain band or one that is adorned with small diamonds, choose a wedding ring that will always catch the eye.

Central stones aren’t just for engagement rings, they can be used to make your wedding ring stand out, which is great if you have gone for a simpler engagement ring or if you don’t want one.

You can also make them more interesting by choosing a stone in your favourite colour, such as sapphire or ruby. This will provide a personal touch that adds even more meaning to the ring.

A great choice would be something like our Iliana 18K Yellow Gold Boyaca Colombian Emerald and Diamond Ring. These features a square-cut pale green emerald surrounded by a halo of diamonds to create a stylish, slightly vintage look.

Unusual shapes

For a wedding ring that is still small but still unusual, you can choose one that features shapes that are different from more traditional choices. This doesn’t just mean the gemstones, the settings and the ring itself can be shaped differently, adding an extra touch without going over the top.

This style of ring adds a lot of texture even if it doesn’t have any embellishments, offering a modern alternative to engraving. It is a great way to ensure your ring works with your own personal style but that it will also look good in years to come.

Our 14K White Gold and Diamond Ring is a lovely example of this look done well. It perfectly combines contemporary and vintage style to create a ring that will look lovely every day, not just your wedding day.

Something permanent

Of course, you can think even further out of the box and opt for a permanent ring – although this isn’t for the faint of heart! It is becoming increasingly popular to tattoo wedding rings, which is the ultimate commitment.

You can do this before the wedding, afterwards or on the day, but you’ll have to be brave no matter when you do it!

It’s also worth remembering that you’ll miss out on another piece of bling that you get to wear every day, so you might decide you want an actual ring instead of a tattoo or as well as.

No matter what wedding ring you choose, we have a great selection for all budgets, so you can find the perfect style for when you come to tie the knot. Shop our selection of rings here.

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